Embassy Suites Hotel Santa Clara-Silicon Valley
2885 Lakeside Dr
Santa Clara, CA 95054-2805

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Re Oct 18. was just one bite which is not typical for BB's. Might have been the bus. I felt the itching on the bus in the morning shortly after checking out of the hotel. The hotel looked very clean and the staff were good. I had checked the mattress when I checked in but was lazy and didn't lift the headboard as I had a new roomie and didnt want to make a big deal of it. So had to put things in the dryer when I got home that night. Might have been a spider bite but my wife who has been b

itten multiple times at 2 hotels said it looked like a bb bite. Makes travelling a lot less fun. Had 3 bites on my ear sleeping in the window seat on a newer aircraft Houston to Vancouver 2 years ago. they are everywhere.

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Checked out ocober 19. Stayed in room 418. No visible
evidence in room but now
have bite(s) on right arm. Very itchy. Red center. Too early to tell if one or multiple bites. Could be the buses we used. I don't know how long after bite it is itchy

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