Hotel Milo Santa Barbara
202 W Cabrillo Blvd
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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[From Yelp review of 1/1/2019]

Bed Bugs Warning!!!

We checked in for the New Years Eve 2019 and were woken up middle of the night around 1:30a.m with severe rashes, checked our sheets and boy! it was a nightmare turned into a reality... BED BUGS crawling all over the bed and us. Unfortunately, they did not have another room that they could help us with, so we had to check out at 2 in the morning.. literally.. Absolute inconvenience as we had my mother in another room at the same hotel who

we had to wake up and trouble her to check out as well.. traumatized and in shock that the hotel were oblivious to such a bad maintenance of their rooms. NOT HAPPY AT ALL... We are still itching and scratching with the bumps and rashes giving us so much pain :(.. I have a video but I am unable to share it here and so had to share my screen shots of the video. The Manger hasn't reached out to us to apologize yet and we are still waiting.

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