Embassy Suites Hotel
1325 E Dyer Rd
Santa Ana, CA

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Stayed here and my son and I had bite marks
A couple days later
Feb 2014
Horrible bites all over my sons stomach and sides and
On his legs
I had some on my back and stomach.
No other possible place or reason to have those
Bite marks
Went to doctor and was confirmed bug bites
Check your rooms !
At any hotel

Stayed at this hotel in July of 2010. Daughter had bites on her arm but we didn't know what they were. In the middle of the night, saw a re bug crawling on the sheet. Killed the bug but still had never seen a bed bug before. After the trip, 2 weeks later, my daughter found one in her suitcase. 2 more weeks later, more bites on her arms, back, and a few on her leg. Kept going to the dr and they thought it was just mosquito bites. Took her to the pharmacist, they identified the bites as bed bugs.

Went home to check her bed, her bed skirt had bed bug feces, and blood stains, including the bugs on it. Had to throw away her entire bedroom set and linens. We changed rooms 3 times at this hotel because of a musty stinch that filled the air in each room. We even had the front desk staff febreeze the rooms and they smelled the odor. I wish i would have done my research then. Now very afraid to stay in a hotel, and 4000 bucks in the hole for laundering at a laundry mat, heat and chemical treatment, new linens, and new bedroom set. Don't stay at this hotel!

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