Rodeway Inn San Luis Obispo
1001 Olive St
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405-2361

Found 3 reports:

Check-in date: September 3, 2010

We checked in about 10pm and were winding down for the night, laying in bed and reading e-mail. I spotted a bed bug walking across the bed's sheet. I captured it, took some pictures and verified that it was indeed a bedbug.

We reported the sighting to the manager, who did not seem surprised. He indicated that an exterminator had been retained, but the bedbugs seemed to be reintroduced by guests regularly. He offered to move us to a different room. We r

equested a refund, and he agreed. We went to a different hotel.

We decontaminated our clothes, threw away our luggage. It wasn't really the way that we had intended to spend our weekend.

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We stayed there for one night and the other morning we felt very itchy and saw big rashes. Later the day, there were more shown on the shoulder, arms and even feet. It's obviously bit by bedbugs. Our room was in the 2nd floor. DO NOT stay in the hotel!

My girlfriend and I stayed in room 125 (I think) two days ago and the bed was infested with them. Some large full-sized bugs crawling in the sheets and a lot of little tiny ones which when crushed with a finger-nail producing a small smear of blood in the sheets. By the end of the morning, huddled in the center of the bed, the sheets had dozens of those little blood marks from killing them. Nasty. Gross. I would not recommend staying there.

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