Executive Inn Airport
1310 N 1st St
San Jose, CA 95112-4709

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i just resently spent one night at this hotel and it was my worst nightmare!!!i usualy wake up late at night to use the little girls room.....when i wake up i turn the lights on and see a bug on the side of my pillow so i freak out and i jump out of bed and i grab my night shoe and kill it.i could no longer sleep so i get in the shower and i wake my sister up who is on the bed next to mine when we get ready to check out we tell the front desk about what happen and i told her i though it was a be

d bug thats when it gets crazy the manager starts to yell at me all kinds of crazy bad words and tells me that i put the bugs in the bed. so i just cut my lose and leave when we get home my sister gets in the shower and we discover tha she has over 30 bites all over her body tha were so swollen and infected tha we had to call 911.... i was wondering if it was something i could do about this?

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