Union Square Backpackers Hostel
70 Derby St
San Francisco, CA 94102-1221

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I stayed here for 5 days, and I didn't know that I brought bedbugs back home! I've moved to my new house so I thought it is the previous tenants who had bedbugs, but it is only me struggling with the bedbugs now....and now I can see it is from this hostel! I heard that bedbugs' bites have incubation period...and...now is the time...What should I do with all my luggages now? They are everywhere!!!!!!I'm miserable....

Room 5 has bed bugs. It's not worth it to stay there, as my boyfriend and I did. Now I'm obsessed with trying to dis-infest my luggage.

Since my boyfriend didn't have a reaction to the bites (some people don't) he just thinks it's crazy that I won't let him into my mom's house until he's taken the necessary precautions to prevent bringing the nasty critters along with him.

So of course we got in a huge fight and he decided he'd rather stay somewhere else than clean his stuff. Guess where h

e went?

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they have bedbugs.

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