Travel Lodge
1707 Market St
San Francisco, CA

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This place is nothing more than a homeless shelter and drug den. Open needles every where, drug dealers in the parking lot, gang members across the street! Be careful!

See Yep reviews of massive bed bug infestation this month.

Substandard living conditions! Burns all over blanket, floor sticky, bugs crawling on walls and rats in the parking lot. Bed bug larvae on sheets. More dirty than sleeping in a 3rd world combat zone. Went to use tv remote and was covered in a nasty glaze. I hope my car doesn't get broken into.

31 painful Bed bug bites (and only in the room from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.) Cars broken into with smashed windows, no security, parking full and charged anyway, staff complacent, really REALLY bad stuff,

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Look on YouTube there are videos from a year ago. Saying they deny it also. All they do is switch rooms and give another person the room BED BUG VICTIM #2 Travelodge San Francisco tue 20 dec 2011 DSC 3176 - search that title on YouTube

There are bed bugs in this hotel! A new front desk employee who has been there said they been getting complains every day and it cost to much to fix. And the night audit said there has been an outbreak the last few days. The manager likes to deny the problem and pretend they have never had bed bugs issues! Stay away.

Me and 8 friends rented two rooms on market street october 16,2011. When we woke up the next mourning we found bed bugs all over the sheets. We were very angry and the managers seemed to have no care or concern at all and would not give us a refund. This is by far the worst hotel and service I was ever given and now that i see all these other reports they should be shut down! Do not stay here! I would have traveled to the complete other side of the city if I would have know it was like this.

I woke up at 1230A after 2 hours of sleep and I felt something biting my neck. I was able to catch it on the mattress and it squeezed into a bloody mess. I realized it was a bed bug. I stayed in the bathroom for over an hours then showered. Coming out of the shower, I saw something crawl across the clock I took the light from my cellphone and checked the bed. I saw another bed bug and killed it. Now 2A, I decided that I better wake up my friend in the other bed. I told her the situation a

nd proceeded to call the front desk. The night clerk asked me to meet in the lobby where he offered me another room. I told him since I was up that we would catch the earlier flight at the airport. He told me that he would refund my 2 nights and organized my transportation. I have stayed at this hotel over 10 times in the last decade and this was my first incident. Please beware of room 220 though the night clerk told me that the room will be closed off for a week while it is treated.

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I stayed at this hotel for one night in October 2010 and woke up in the morning covered in bed bug bites. I complained to the manager. He wouldn't refund my money so I made sure to continue complaining, loudly, in front of guests checking in for a good ten minutes. It made me feel slightly better. Still, I wish I'd never stayed at this hotel.

We stayed at this Travelodge between Dec 26 and Dec 28, 2010 in room 115. I woke up on the morning of Dec 28th with a dozen bedbug bits on my arms and shoulders. I wished I had checked this registry before staying at this hotel.

My father and I went to this travel lodge in 2009. The room we were given had bed bugs. In 2010 we were given the same room. My father had to go to University of Chicago hospital.

Room 105, about a dozen Bedbugs. Do not stay at this hotel: they refused to refund me, as well.

I stayed in room 116 and found bed bug bites the evening of the day that I left the hotel (I checked out early that morning). Most of the bites were on my arms, a couple on my back and legs, too. Unfortunately, this reservation was last-minute or I would have done some research online because this is a common problem for this location. Once I returned home I called the hotel and the staff wasn't helpful at all. They flat-out denied that there was any bed bug problem and were very short and r

ude with me.

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Staying in room 214 in June of 2009 and got EATEN ALIVE! DO NOT STAY HERE! Didn't see the bugs or realize it had happened until the bites showed up a couple days later. It took a long internet search to realize what had happened, and by that point we'd already moved all our stuff into a new house. We washed everything as soon as we realized what had happened and crossed our fingers that we didn't infest our new place. Luckily it looks like we're ok. Gross.

09.20.09 room number 213

I have stayed at this hotel many times over the last year, and 75% of the time I have encountered bedbugs. And, yes indeed it is a place for people who did not get into homeless shelters that day; the city give vouchers for this hotel.

I have reported bedbugs to management several times and was meet with denial and aggression. I threatened to take them to small claims court to pay for all the dry cleaning I had to do and was quickly thrown out of the hotel.


his place will more than likely always have bedbugs. beware.

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We stayed here one night in April/2008, mainly because we were super tired after a long flight and heading south the next morning. We knew Market St. wasn't great and needless to say, the motel clearly functioned as mostly a spot for prostitution. All the lovely noises that go hand in hand (screaming, fighting, pimps banging on the door, etc) kept us awake most of the night. The next morning, after turning on the lights, we found vomit and blood stains around the room and a fierce rash all over.

We were full of bed bug bites! It was terrible, as all of out baggage was now contaminated. We had to get everything washed/dry cleaned when we reached LA and worse off, the manager would not give us a refund!

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September 27, 2008. We checked into this Travelodge at about 2pm on Saturday, September 27, 2008. Room 231 Never thought to check for bedbugs but woke up on Sunday Morning and found blood spots on the mattress, then saw bugs moving on the sheets and when I touched them, they would squash easily on the sheets and leave a bloody mark. We immediately showered, packed up our bags and left. We went to the front desk to complain about the bugs and the manager gave us a refund immediately. We came

home and are now faced with probably contaminated clothing, personal belongings, luggage, purse, shoes, etc.
We are considering taking them to small claims court.
Any advice about what to do once you get home would be appreciated. We are washing our stuff in hot water.

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Woke up with bites and found dying bedbug by lamp. Decided to start this registry.

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