The Wharf Inn
2601 Mason St
San Francisco, CA

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Stayed at the wharf inn May 15th - 17th 2012.The first night had no incident. On the second night we found a bug crawling in the closet - we killed it. We looked it up online and discovered it was, indeed, a bed bug. We were freaked out and inspected the beds and didn't find anything. We debated on checking out but decided to stay. I went to sleep but my wife was having difficulty falling asleep so she was up watching tv with he lights on. At 3am I awoke to my wife killing a bed bug on my elbow

- we then turned and saw one crawling on the wall behind the headboard! There was another one on her pillow! That was it! We packed our stuff and checked out. The clerk was very apologetic and the manager comped us for a day of the stay and assured us he had decommissioned the room and had professional pest control take care of the problem. The hotel staff was very nice and understanding but by the amount and size of these bugs, I'd say the problem is not isolated to one room. Now we're a bit freaked out to stay in hotels - didn't realize bed bugs were such a problem. Had to decon our luggage and clothes with heat when we got home just to make sure those disgusting creatures didn't come home with us!

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We stayed at The Wharf Inn in San Fransico from 3-6-12 till 3-10-12. We had the penthouse room and I was in contact with them after reading the report on bed bug problems. They readily installed bed bug mattress covers on all beds, and other then having a bug spray smell to the room we never saw any. Thursday night while sitting on the couch in the living room I had one crawl up my lounge pants. I only wore them in the room so there was no way it could have come from anywhere else. We smashed it

into a tissue and blood did smear onto it so it clearly had bitten something. We gave it to the front desk the next morning they gave us an oh well look. After emailing the person I was in original contact with we were offered a discount at check out. We did cover the chairs and couches with sheets the final night and had the bed sheets changed and did not encounter one again. We never had our suitcases on the floor they did have 4 suitcase stands in the room, and we bought a duffle bag and put all the clothes that were wore in the room in plastic bags and brought back home separately to hopefully insure containment if anything was attached to other clothing!

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Stayed here last night (10 December 2011)... we found at least three bugs, one was red so I bet he had a meal off of me. We made the mistake of not checking immediately after arrival so we had already been lying on the bed when we noticed them. The night shift guy was very apologetic and gave us another room (which had a bedbug protector on the mattress... indicative of previous incident(s)?), but when we checked out the morning guy was less so... he knocked a whole $20 off the room price. Th

at's sure a bargain for us, now that we have to deal with contaminated clothes and luggage for the rest of our trip (and possibly to bring home)... ugggh!

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