Super 8 San Fran Fishermans Wharf Area
2440 Lombard St
San Francisco, CA 94123

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Stayed in the room in the third floor for one night. I got bit in three places and my buddy's hand got almost gnawed off with a tight grouping of several bites.

Just awful.

Woke up with bites on my hands and collar bone. Extremely upset. Currently Hulking out.

My husband and I stayed here at the end of September, 2011. To make a long story short, I got bed bugs. I didn't realize what it was (I don't have any prior experience with bed bugs) until I got home and did some research. I am certain they are bed bug bites (over 50 on my arms, legs and torso) and I saw bed bug feces on the mattress. I immediately started washing everything from our luggage and the clothes we were wearing and called the hotel. The workers were, how should I say, less than helpf

ul. They told me they "monitor these things" and that "this is normal." I don't think so!!! I called almost every day for over a week trying to get ahold of the manager to get a refund, but no return call. "He's very busy...we don't know when he'll be in...what's your name again?" Nobody called me back until I filed a complaint with the chain's upper management. Then they offered me 25% off my next stay! Are you kidding me? Don't be ridiculous, I will NEVER stay at Super 8 again! After way too much effort and frustration, they only gave me a refund for one night. My husband and I have 4 small children and getting away like that happens less than rarely and that hotel ruined an otherwise enjoyable trip.

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When I arrived in this hotel I checked under the sheets (Room 124 - 3rd floor) to see if I found any evidence of bed bugs. I didn't see anything, so I felt okay sleeping there. Although by the 3rd night, just as we were getting into bed to go to sleep, I saw a bug running around on the top of the sheet! I jumped up and luckily was able to catch it and kill it. We immediately packed up our bags and went down to the front office and demanded a refund for that night. They refused until we showed th

em the bug. They didn't even look surprised and just said "we monitor for these things...". Obviously they don't monitor that well since I found a bed bug and I've now seen other reports on this hotel as well. We had to pay 3 times the price to go stay at another hotel at 10pm at night! Although the new hotel seemed leaps and bounds cleaner (Holiday Inn - Golden Gateway), I still felt creeped out by my Super 8 experience that I had a very hard time sleeping...

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We stayed here awhile ago and although I don't recall the room or floor we stayed in, I was awakened in the middle of the night to bed bugs crawling all over my arms and chest!!! I was bit about 12 times or more. We called the front office who moved us to another room where I felt little comfort knowing what was in our previous room!
I just wanted to make people aware that although this happened awhile ago, this establishment did indeed have an infestation before.

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