Radisson Hotel Fishermans Wharf
250 Beach St
San Francisco, CA

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stayed one night first of Dec. 2014 . Didn't notice anything until we were home then our bedroom had bugs. Have been fighting them since finally I hope got rid of them.

I stayed at this hotel May 2-6, 2013. Saturday, May 4 at approximately 9am I found a bedbug on the comforter. I immediately called for the manager as my husband captured the bedbug under a glass after taking photos of it. Steve, the manager, and an engineer came to our room (2069) and I gave him the live bedbug with the engineer agreeing that it was surely a bedbug. I expressed my disgust and disappointment. I demanded to be moved to another room. I asked to speak with him later. He took t

he bedbug and I never heard from him again. I was given 3 IHOP breakfast vouchers and 2 railcar tickets. REALLY??? I found out upon using the railcar vouchers that my husband and I had to find our own way back to the hotel as the vouchers were one-way only. When we returned from our 10+ mile forced walking tour, I asked to speak with Steven. He was not there. I spoke with another manager, Rinaldo. He stated that there was no record of the bedbug in my room in their system. I contacted the corporate office only to be given a customer service number. I sent my complaint via email. Please don't stay here!!!!

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I stayed three nights in this hotel since my flight back east was cancelled because of hurricane Sandy. (10/29- 11/1/2012). Before I did anything I checked the mattress thoroughly and it looked fine. It was a bra d new sleep number bed. Unfortunately I did not check the pillows. The first morning I really didn't notice anything . The second day I for d a bit of a rash on my arms but didnt Really think anything of it. The third morning I had a lot more of e red bumps n my arms and some on

my face. We had to check out so it wasn't until I researched what bed bugs look like that I realized what had happened to me. I am going to contact the hotel and complain. I should have suspected that this hotel would have bed bugs. It was kind of sketchy.

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We stayed there our last night in San Francisco,
woke up and was getting ready for shower. I noticed my friend had about 20 small welts all over her back with a few random ones on hands and arms. I had a huge bite on my face. Once we left we looked it up and realized that they were bed bug bites.
Once home, I contacted hotel and had to do their waiting game. 72 hrs for response, then 72 more from HQ then we received call from hotel. They denied it also, and said "The cleaning lady didnt s

ee any bugs but we'll refund your money" Like we made it up, but they would refund us to keep us happy.
For the money we paid, the should of gave us some comp time at one of their other hotels.

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Checked into the Radisson Hotel Fishermans Wharf on 1/10/11. Upon entering the room, we checked the bed for bugs and immediately found a bed bug crawling across the pillow. We quickly left and requested a new room... which the hotel provided and then comp'ed the room.

About 15 minutes later, the hotel's manager called and claimed that she had searched the entire room and there were no traces of a bug-- accusing us of lying about it. BEWARE-- this hotel will try to cover up any evidence of the

ir bed bug problem and deny that the problem exists.

After a night of uneasy sleep, we checked out in the morning and cancelled the rest of our reservation.

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