Phoenix Hotel
601 Eddy St
San Francisco, CA

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October 26, 2012, first night at Phoenix Hotel, woke up with pain to find sores on my right hand and arm. Four bites. Room 23 on the ground floor.

Unfortunately, the hotel did not follow its own protocol concerning cleaning my clothing and luggage. Nor did I ever receive a call from a manager to apologize or ask how I was doing. In fact, just the opposite was true. The front desk people made me feel like a lepper. One even told me that I likely brought in the bugs through my luggage sin

ce they jump from suitcase to suitcase in the airplane cargo hold. Nothing like blaming the victim!

The hotel did refund the prepaid charges for my scheduled 5-night stay which allowed me to switch hotels.

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I checked in to room 31 on 1/13/12 to hand out with friends and see Devo. We stayed two nights and it wasnt until monday thar i broke out in a horrible rash. I called the hotel and they denied any awareness of bedbugs. I just wanted advice on what tomdo! I have to tell you it hurts really really bad, a burming itchy and horrible nightmare. Later the manager after three days of calling finally admitted that they have bedbugs. Thismplace sucks.

I will just excerpt what I wrote to the GM below:

I stayed at your hotel the night of the 2nd and 3rd of September in Room 60 with a few friends. The night of the 2nd, I noticed I was getting bites on my arms. In the morning I turned on the light and found a bug in my bed. My friend grabbed this bug and took it to your front desk. Your desk person said to her alternatively "that's not a bed bug" and "all hotels have bed bugs." Being the only person in the room at the time that had bites,

I decided not to throw a fuss and stayed the second night. A hotel employee came to tell us he would have all the sheets changed and investigate the incident. We went out for awhile and when we got back, the beds were remade but the blanket on one bed was the same from the night before (same cigarette burn) and the carpets had not been vacuumed. We checked out without raising any more of a fuss and I was charged $345. This morning my boyfriend's bites finally showed -- all 8 of them. As you may or may not know, bed bugs can take up to 9 days to manifest. I was willing to let this incident go until this morning. With the exception of whomever was at the front desk when my friend took down the bug in our bed, your hotel staff was extremely friendly and I did not feel like upsetting anything. But now I've paid $345 to possibly have a bed bug infestation. This is extremely inappropriate. I feel obligated to post this comment to the SF Bed Bug Registry and Yelp, as people should know what they're paying for. I also have taken pictures of the bites and will gladly show them to you upon request. I would appreciate it if you would contact me and I also highly urge you to stop booking Room 60 and have exterminators come in to do an actual investigation. I await your response.

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On behalf of my property The Phoenix please allow me to address the posting on this site. We take reports of bed bugs very seriously. When we were informed by this guest of suspected infestation, we immediately remove the room from service and had a nationally recognized pest control expert conduct a thorough examination as well as treatment of the guestroom.

The safety of our guests and the cleanliness of our facilities are top priorities. We have a developed a thorough preventative traini

ng program to keep our housekeeping staff knowledgeable as that is the best line of defense to address this issue, which is plaguing the travel industry. We conduct detailed and regular inspections, and we take great pride in keeping our teams equipped with the knowledge, training, and best tools available to identify and address issues expediently. We regularly review and update our housekeeping standards and procedures to ensure that all our guests enjoy a clean and comfortable environment in our hotel.
Pam Wright, General Manager

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July 15-16, 2010 The Phoenix Hotel. This was a shameful and itchy experience to say the least. We checked into Room 20 on July 15th. We were alerted to the presence of active bed bugs early in the morning of July 16th when we were awoken with itchy welts and found a bug in the beg, which we killed and then informed the front desk. We were transferred to another room in the middle of the night but not allowed to take our luggage with us. The Hotel staff and Terminix took care of exterminating

our clothes and luggage the next day. But we spent our whole morning waiting for the Terminix professional and the whole afternnon at the laundromat drying our own clothes. We also lost a night's sleep. The Phoenix reimbursed us for our lodging and allowed us to stay at a sister property the following night. However, this didn't compensate us for not sleeping, a lost day of vacation, and the constant fear of bringing these bugs back to our homes.

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