Palace Hotel
2 New Montgomery St
San Francisco, CA

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Found a bed bug in our room - room 411 of the Palace Hotel

I stayed in room 532 during the week of 10/1/2013, for 5 nights. There were no bedbugs in my room. The room was clean.

My family stayed in room 804 on 8/26. The next day, both of my girls and myself have noticed that we got bug bite on our neck and upper back. Got switched to another room on the second day, I even found a dead bed bug under the bed sheet. We are out of there, never return.

retracting last report. Hotel was clean

Stayed there 7/23 - 7/25 and felt very itchy after the first night. A few days later after checkout noticed bruises on my arms. Stay away and don't risk it.

It would appear they still having the same problem. I stay at the Palace in Feb 2011 and had been warned about bed bugs in general. I woke up with bloody bites on my neck, legs and groin area. Management switched rooms for me several times, but said the Orkin people found no bed bugs. I wanted my clothes put in a dryer, (heat is supposed to kill bed bugs), but they don't even have one on the premises.

I couldn't sleep the several days I was there, I noticed at night voices of people bei

ng moved from rooms to rooms in another floor. From the hours of say 11:30 to 2:00 AM it was almost lively.

Mangement refused to admit to any problem, which may be why complaints are still being made.

Returning home I first visited a laudromat and put everything appropriate in the dryer. I threw the shoes, suitcase, etc out.

see full report...

Stayed there 5/15-5/16. Didn't notice until 5/18 but have 3 bites on hand and one on arm. Husband staying with me also has bites on hand. Not certain they are bed bugs as we've checked out and can't check the bed, but the bites are the same as the pictures seen online. It's now 5/23 and the bites have not yet gone away.

Stayed at the Palace in February 2013. Woke up to bites all over my head and neck. Reported it to the hotel and they said they had it inspected and nothing was found. So they wouldn't help us at all. Now I still have bites going on and just found they spread to our home. Hadn't stayed at a hotel before this in a long time or after. Now we have to get an exterminator!!

Recently stayed at the Palace. Realized last week I had what looked/felt like bug bites on my torso - my doctor thinks it's SCABIES.

Woke up w/ many bites all over upper body. I did an inspection and didn't see any visual bedbugs, but was suprised to have bites.

Stayed at the Palace Hotel on Sept. 26th, 2010. Woke up with several bites on my body. Could tell mattress was old by the feel of it but wasn't expecting bed bugs.

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