Pacific Heights Inn
1555 Union St
San Francisco, CA

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I stayed at Pacific Heights Inn June 26 and 27th. On the 28th. I was covered with 60 bed bug bites confirmed. by Dr. Savage. The staff denied this and told me I had mosquito bites As of now I still have not gotten a call from the owner

I arrived on 27th October and have been staying in room 25. The first night I stayed I had a rash over the front of my body on the first night. Subsequently I have been bitten at night when I have been sleeping, initially along my arms. I was not sure what it was and unable to do anything about it as I have been so busy working here. However, it has now become so severe that it is very painful and my arms and hands are covered in bites, I have some bites on my back, legs and now face. The i

tching is now very severe and some of the bites have become infected.

I saw a doctor this morning who has confirmed that I have been severely bitten by bedbugs and is treating me with antibiotics and other medications. He has advised me that I must have all my clothing and luggage specially cleaned as the bugs may have climbed into them.

I am appalled by this, particularly as I see the Inn has incidents of bedbugs already reported and on the bedbugs register.

The consequences of this are a nightmare for any traveller. Aside from the discomfort, having to fumigate and clean everything is a real inconvenience.

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Stayed at Pacific Heights Inn over the Memorial Day Weekend (May 2010). Lovely place and people but upon returning home, found I had bed bug bites. I stayed at an airport hotel the night before I left as well, so I'm not sure where I got the bites. Still, wanted to post in case others noticed bites after staying at this location.

I stayed at the Pacific Heights for the week of Oct. 2 til Oct 9. I noticed some bites a few days before I left but thougtht they were mosquitos or other bug. When I got home I kept getting bitten. I found a bed bug on my bed spread last weekend. I wrote the Pacific Heights telling them I had brought bed bugs home and they informed me that they had indeed found evidence of bed bugs in my room and that they have treated that room and others beside it. I wish I had known what to look for befo

re I brought them home with me.

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