Oceanview Motel
4340 Judah Street, San Francisco, California 94122, United States
San Francisco, CA

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Stayed here in October 2015. Bed full of bedbugs, I have been bitten and saw some of them crawling.
Changed my room for a safer one. The day after, I heard the receptionist knowingly giving the bedbug room to another guy. So irresponsible !
And the hotel was smelly. Don't go there.

So to begin, we stayed here because we had no other choice. My husband, 6-month-old baby and I were traveling from Orange County and we needed a place to stay...on Valentine's Day, so of course everything was booked! We were able to book this one and figured, we only need it to rest before we left early again the next day.

First off, we're not picky people, we didn't mind the fact that the bus/train thingy passes RIGHT in front of the motel, that the entrance to the rooms is through a tiny c

ustodial stairway, that our room number was SHARPIED in because the numbers had fallen off, the fact that our window was cracked and had duct tape all over...we overlooked that because it's expected out of these rinky-dinky motels! Well we got ready for bed and went to sleep...hours later my husband wakes up to something biting his hand and back, he turns on the light to find two bed bugs right where he was laying!!! BED BUGS! Huge brown things crawling around the bed! I immediately grab my sleeping baby and we call the office, no answer! I start looking to try and book another motel but it's late (and Valentine's Day) and everything is overpriced or no vacancy. We literally packed up our things and slept in the car.

Early the next day we talk to the manager and it's as if we're telling him the shower water was too cold: he doesn't even care!! No expression ( like he's heard it all before) and simply states NO REFUND. We showed him pictures, showed him the bite marks, my husband even caught the bed bugs in the disposable coffee cups that are in the room and SHOWED IT TO HIM: NO REFUND.


We didn't even sleep in the bed bug infested room and we STILL had to pay the ridiculous amount of $115!!

Just stay away from this place! Management is rude and dishonest and doesn't care about anything besides your money!

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