Marriott San Francisco Fishermans Wharf
1250 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA

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We stayed at this location on Thursday, July 12, 2012. I woke up with three distinct white headed bites in a row on my arm that itched like crazy. Having never seen a bedbug bite before, I didn't know what had bitten me therefore did not report it to the front desk. Upon return home, the bites were not getting better, they were actually becoming larger, itchier, and now scaley. Research on the internet confirmed what friends had suggested, these were bedbug bites. They had all of the charac

teristics of bedbug bites. It has been 10 days since the bites, and I am still miserable with them. They itch like crazy and have become a bright red circle about the size of a half-dollar.
Upon informing Marriott of the issue, within 24 hours, they inspected the room and found no signs of an infestation and suggested to me that I might have an allergy to their down comforters. I am not impressed that an infestation was not found. I wanted them to treat that room for bugs to protect future guests from experiencing what I have gone through. They did not treat the room or respond to my last email.
Having bedbug bites has caused huge hassles for us once we returned home. We had to sanitize everything we had taken with us on this trip to ensure that we did not bring any unwanted creatures home. We have had our car at the car wash three times to make sure there are no bugs in the car. Suitcases have been put in large garbage bags and left to bake for days in the Phoenix sun. Laundry has been washed with hot water (some items shrunk and are no longer wearable).
I am uncomfortable and grossed out by these bites on my body and NOT happy that the hotel is not treating this room. There may not be an infestation, but there is some kind on an insect (I believe fully that it is a bedbug) in our room on the third floor. Bedbugs move from room to room, so if you are going to risk staying at this hotel, then avoid the third floor.
Management will post a frilly, fluffy response to this email and try to portray this issue as if I don't know what I am talking about and they have done due diligence according to their policies, but the facts remain - I was bitten at their hotel. They did not treat the room. I can't stay at another Marriott if this is how easily they blow off a very dissatisfied, concerned client. How many other people have been bitten and their rooms not treated?

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