La Quinta Inn and Suites San Francisco Downtown
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San Francisco, CA 94109-6934

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On November 20, 2012 I stayed the night in room 215 and by the time I got back home the following afternoon I realized I had a painful rash on my back. I didn't think about checking the mattress for bed bugs while I was there because they are not prevalent where I live. I am going to call the hotel in the morning and speak with the manager.

Stayed at the Opal for 3 nights last week. No issues whatsoever. Previously I read the reports from 2010 on this site, so I called the hotel manager. She told me they had changed their housekeeping processes and providers and had eliminated the problems, and she was right.

The hotel was clean and comfortable, bathrooms well serviced, and no bedbugs.

Stayed at the Opal 03/18/2012. We had NO bedbug problems whatsoever.
Staff was helpful.
Beds comfortable.
Breakfast decent.
Rooms were quiet!

We stayed at the Opal four nights October 6, 7, 8 and 9 this year and had no problems whatsoever.

I'm staying at The Opal hotel as I type this. Today I woke up with a "rash" all over my face. (The second time I've stayed here and had this problem.) This time I found a bed bug. It just so happened that I found it as when there was a staff member in the room with me fixing the thermostat for the heat. (which was also broken) They comped the entire stay (5days) and pay to have all my belongings dry cleaned. Now if they could only explain this to my new employers which I had to call off on the s

econd day of training because of the welts on my face.

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My friend and I just stayed at The Opal (early Dec. 2007). The room was not very clean (hair in the shower, dust all over the light fixtures, etc.). That would have been tolerable but the clincher was that the beds were full of bedbugs, both adult and baby bedbugs. My traveling companion received some nasty bites from them (and yes, I am certain that these were bedbugs after looking them up online and squashing one full of blood post-biting my friend's arm). When we checked out, we alerted the

front desk to the bugs. The gentleman there just stared at us blankly. Needless to say, they hitched a ride in my suitcase, my place became infested and I had to get rid of several pieces of furniture/treat my apt. for months. HORRIBLE experience.

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I stayed at The Opal about 15 times in the summer of 2008. I noticed having little red marks all over my hands and legs and also on my FACE!! I did not know what they were until I was being bitten at my own home and had a exterminator come and look thru my apt. He did not find anything the first time but after another 2 weeks of waking up w bites, I tore my bed apart and found one bug. I did not have an infestation but I def. had bed bugs in my own home. I had to wash everything and had my brand

new couches torn apart so he could spray them. I couldnt go home for 6 hrs after the spraying was done. It cost me 300.00. Thanks god I only lived in an apt otherwise it would have been more expensive.
Now whenever I stay in hotels I do check the mattresses. I always put my luggage on the racks they provide and keep my rollerboard closed. I also put the clothes that I wear to bed in a laundry bag and put it directly in the laundry when I return home. Having these bite you while you are in the comfort of your own bed is very violating. I was angry for a long time and embarrassed. I still do not tell people about it. Please report it if you notice it and be extra cautious when placing items in the room.

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Stayed at the Opal Hotel for 2 nights in Oct 2009.

After the first night I noticed about 10 red marks on my skin, itchy red welts that I have never experienced before in my life.

We checked the sheets and did not find any bugs or blood marks, yet I am certain these marks on my body are bed bug bites, due to the timing of their appearance the reports of bugs by previous travellers.

From my Yelp Review:
Sept. 25th-27th, 2009

In my second of what was supposed to be three nights staying at the Opal in SF this weekend, I woke up to the crawling sensation of an insect on my arm. I killed the insect with a whack of my hand and ran into the bathroom to inspect. I discovered blood on my shirt and the dead body of a BED BUG.

The hotel moved me and my coworker roomie to a new room and agreed to pay for dry and steam-cleaning of all of our belongings, even though they insist

ed they had never heard such a complaint before.

The next night, I pulled back my comforter to see bloodstains on the sheets, which are the usual sign of bed bugs you are told to look for when traveling in impoverished, hygiene-handicapped nations... except we were in San Francisco on a business trip and now the hotel was, IN SPITE OF THESE DISGUSTING indications that there is a PROBLEM at this hotel, as insistent as ever that we just need to move to another room and everything would be fine.

In the end, after much exhausted arguing with the non-responsive hotel staff, we were given a cab ride to another hotel to try to sleep in peace. The Opal comped our first two nights, paid for the cab ride and new hotel room, and paid for the dry cleaning of all of our stuff. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all I brought home were my 4 super-itchy bug bites, a ruined second half of my trip, and bad memories...

I don't want anyone else to have to deal with this. My friend who lives in SF said there was a news report recently that many hotel rooms in SF- even nice ones- have this problem. I'm writing this (my first Yelp review) because I don't want you to go blindly to this place, but also to raise people's knowledge- places like this need to be quarantined and treated!

It's disturbing to me that the dead bed bug and the blood stains were met by hotel staff with denial rather than a statement that they would pursue extermination services for the hotel.

I know paying for extermination will be insanely expensive, but does that give The Opal the right to let tourists from all over the world pay to stay there and pick up bed bugs so they can take them home? I don't think so.

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I stayed at the Opal Hotel (formerly a La Quinta) from July 23 to July 26, 2009 and was severely bitten over my entire body. It took two days for the bites, itching and pain to appear. It seems that it can take 24 hours for the situation to manifest. I immediately went to the person that I was told wasthe manager. Short story is he gave me a hard time. Bottom line, I had hundreds of bites. I am under doctors care. The doctor counted 70 bites on my right arm alone. I reported the situation

to the Department of Health, who had an Inspector go to the hotel. He only checked room 328, which is the room I stayed in. He said the hotel called an exterminator and bed bugs WEREE FOUND BEHIND THE BED BOARD. Yes, they have bed bugs. I asked him why he did not check the rest of the hotel. His response was that only room 328 was reported with a problem (how could I report the rest of the hotel, since I was only in one room???)and it was not his job to inspect the rest of the hotel unless others reported a problem in a specific area. It has been over three weeks and I am still experiencing a histimic reaction and have bites that are noticeable. I had an exterminator come to my house at an expense that I should not have incurred. Clothing has been destroyed due to all the topical applications that I have been applying. Please be forewarned about this hotel.

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My husband I just returned from the Opal in San Francisco on July 21st and were noticing bites all over our bodies. I am assuming that they are bed bites but I am yet to find one in our bed or luggage.

I stayed at The Opal June 22-26, 2009, on the 3rd floor. The first morning I woke up I saw a streak of blood in my sheets. I wasn't bleeding, so I assumed I didn't see the stain when I went to bed tired, the night before. The second morning my roommate flicked a bug out of her sheets. The third morning I noticed blood in her sheets, we got suspicious, pulled the sheets back and noticed a few bugs, but mostly bloody streaks. We researched bed bugs on the internet and apparently they feed off

your blood. We then reported it to management. They knew exactly what to look for, (behind the headboard). It wasn't until 5 days after I had left San Francisco that the bumps appeared all over my arms and shoulders. They were white, raised bumps, and quite irritating. I went to a doctor and he said that it was scabies, (mites).

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Monday July 6, 2009
I've been staying at the Opal hotel 1-2 nights per week for the past several months. I've noticed itchy bumps on my arms on several occasions during that time, but always attributed them to mosquito bites I got at home. I guess I should have realized this was unlikely in winter, but not impossible in California.
Last Wednesday while lying on my bed watching TV, I discovered a small reddish brown beetle on my arm that looked like a very tiny cockroach. The next morning

I woke up with 3 itchy bumps on my arm and noticed a small smear of blood on the sheet where my arm had been resting while I slept. One day later both of my arms were covered in red, itchy welts as well as a few on my shoulders and legs. Five days later the bites are just starting to heal, but still look horrible.
It’s terribly disappointing to think I won’t be able to stay at this hotel again, since I've always found it to be a good value for the money. But aside from the disgusting thought of being fed upon while I sleep, I won't risk bringing this vermin home in my luggage to infest my own bedroom!

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I just stayed at The Opal a week ago and I came home with bug bites. It started spreading all over my body to the point I thought I had Chicken Pocks. Went to the doctor and he said it's bed bugs from a hotel. I just read another report from the same hotel!

Stayed at the Opal April 16-20th, thought I had 3 very itchy spider bites...the next night I got 3 more very itchy bites that hurt. I told the guy at the front desk that I had spider bites and he wrote it down plus gave me free parking for the days that I was there. At the airport I had phoned my mother and I spoke about these "spider bites" and she shared that they could be "bed bugs." So I googled them just so I would know what they looked like. I could not believe when I finally got home

and pulled a piece of white paper out of my bag and there on the paper was what looked like a tick...and come to find out it was a bed bug. I am so freaked out because I do not want to have these bugs biting me. I did put everything into plastic bags until I come home from work tomorrow and can wash these items.

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