Hotel Whitcomb
1231 Market St
San Francisco, CA

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Stayed for 2 nights in room 320. After returning home, found 15-20 bed bug bites on my arms and back. Trying to ensure that they did not hitch a ride back! Unacceptable from a hotel, they are putting people's health and property in danger.

Bed Bugs! No joke... this is so disgusting. I travel for work once a week and stay at this hotel all the time. Recently in the last month I have stayed three times. Each time getting new bites. I made the mistake by leaving my bag open and on the floor. I came home and threw one of my shirts in the laundry with a white towel and behold... bugs. Never will I stay at this hotel ever again.

Stayed only one night on May 26, 2015. Woke up the next day with 15 bites all over my arms, legs, and torso. Do not stay here. I won't again.

I stayed three days here last week.
Room no. was 219.

I was bitten more than 20 spots, but didn't know what they were.

After returing home, I'm heard that these are cause by bed bugs.

I'm afraid other visitors would be bitten, too. I wrote email to the hotel, however, no answers returned yet.

Please check the status of bed first.
That's what I forgot.

Woke up 3 am to find a bug crawling on my arm. I didn't think much of it until I seen a ton of others all over my bed! I even had blood stains on my sheet from them biting me. I got up and and notice my friend had tons on her bed while she was sleeping! I woke her up and went downstairs and moved us to another room. The next day my body was completely covered in bites. Seems like more and more bites keep appearing. I am extremely uncomfortable and cannot stop the itching! Never again will I come

back to this hotel or recommend to anyone! Haven't slept for the two nights I've been here.

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Room 419.

On 8/28/2014 my husband woke up to several bites on his back. As we were laying in bed that morning, within minutes, he received several more to his neck and upper arm.

We immediately went down to speak with the management. We were offered a free breakfast, room change to 547 and comped for one night. That being said there was nothing said about dealing with the problem in the room or laundering our clothes before we left.

I had joined my husband while he was attending a very

large conference in the city hosted by his company. Needless to say he will be recommending to his company that they not use this hotel in the future.

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As the Director of Operations at the Hotel Whitcomb I can assure you we take all reported cases of Bed Bugs very seriously. Each and every case is treated with the highest urgency and utmost care to ensure that none of our valued guests have to deal with these incidents. Bed bugs do not discriminate and can be found in many places other than hotels.

Having said that if we have an alleged case we immediately put that room off market and not for sale and call a certified pest control compan

y to examine the room. We have a trained inspection team that checks all the rooms in the hotel each month. We have special products and bedding for each bed to ensure that these pests do not penetrate the bed frame or mattress.

If anyone has any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the hotel and speak with me personally to give more details on the detailed prevention programs we have in place.

I will also be happy to assist you with your reservations and pre-inspect rooms prior to arrival to ensure your comfort during your stay.

Kris Betz, Director of Operations

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Stayed at the Hotel from Aug-19 to Aug-21 in room 620.

Last name HEXXXX

Woke up with rashes all over my body. Today, reached back home and realized the damage. Not far from 20-25 bites all over my body. I am utterly disgusted and terribly disappointed.

Update to 8/19/14 report. In the morning I was called by Alex and Chris. They made every effort to make my stay a good one. The offered to launder my clothes and fumigate my luggage. They moved me to a larger room as to make sure no bed bugs transferred from the original room to new room they moved me into last night.

They are refunding the first night stay and comping me to dine at the Market Street Restaurant.

I am stuck in my room all day while they launder all of my clothes.... b

ut am grateful for the attempt to make it right.

Colton however, young as he is, needs to learn some new people skills and customer service tactics. sorry cannot get over this one. I am twice his age and was treated like I was less than a human.

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8/19/14 I checked into the Hotel Whitcomb. Initially the parking was a hassle, as there was no clear direction on how this was done. Finally I find the parking area after calling the hotel. I get there and the valet parking attendants were rushing me out of my car. I had to say hold on please I need to get my things in order. I checked in, they did accommodate my early arrival. The rooms were not as big as the photos indicated. The bathrooms are tiny and the commode almost hits the sink.

I got into bed that evening and woke up around 3:00 am with biting. I pulled back the sheets and there they were. Bed Bugs! I isolated the three of four I found and were able to catch into an almost empty medicine bottle. I called the front desk and let them know what I had just experienced. They desk clerk was less than compassionate. They said what would you like me to do? I said really? I said I cannot stay here. He said oh you want a new room? I said yes. I also said they would need to bring up a luggage cart. The bell hop came up and brought me the new room key. I said, where is the luggage cart. He said oh did you need one? I said yes... He came back with the cart.

We got to the new room and immediately upon entering I said there is no desk lamp. He said yes it is on the desk. I said, no look no lamp. He said oh...

I went downstairs to talk to the night manager about the situation and Colton just rolled his eyes at me and looked at me as if I were some vagrant off the street. I said will not be stuck with the cost of this situation if the bed bugs come home with me. I also need bags to transport all of my things as to not spread them at home and to isolate my travel gear. He brought me bags. I said this will be a nightmare if these follow me home. He said we deal with this the all of the time and we use heat irradiation. I said you know they do not guarantee that type of pest control. If this is happening again and again then something is not working and these bugs are not going away... His response..... Oh it is the Europeans that bring these. I am thinking even though I am American, he has no idea where I am from at the moment. And in this day and age? I don't think that is the absolute reason for this happening again and again. And why would he tell me that when they moved me to another room? Now I am not confident that the next room will not have them.

I am tired and frustrated. When I got back to my new room I went to plug in my laptop. Not plugs anywhere near the desk. None and even fewer to even plug into. I called again to tell them. He again very dry and pompous attitude says well I have to check with the night auditor. That was over an hour ago. No response back. I called my booking agent Hotwire and let them know if the situation. I have to wait until noon to call and get my refund on the second night and deal with the manager of the hotel for a refund of the first night. I came here for work and this has disrupted everything..... I will come back and update my post....

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Stayed in room #69X for 3 nights, Feb 27-March 1, 2014 and did not notice any bites but a couple of days after I got home my wife had a close cluster of three classic itchy red dime sized welts with center blisters. Now we are on full panic response to prevent an infestation at home. The silver lining is that it's been below zero for the last few nights so everything that was with me is outside getting the deep freeze treatment. This hotel is a dump anyway with a very superficial "renovation.

" The desk staff are not nice. Avoid this hotel !!!

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The report from the DOO that was posted is the EXACT same thing that I recieved when I reported this to the hotel....does this mean that it is just copied and pasted to all complaints. Not a safe place to stay at all

On behalf of the Hotel Whitcomb, please allow me to reach out to all of you regarding our property. I would like to first apologize for any discomfort anyone might have experienced while you stayed with us. We take every report of bed bugs very seriously. Once we learn of possible activity we immediately remove the room from service and contacted a nationally recognized pest control expert to conduct a thorough examination of your guestroom.

The safety of our guests and the cleanliness o

f our facilities are top priorities. The trained and knowledgeable housekeeping staff at the Hotel Whitcomb is one of the best lines of defense along with our regular inspections. We inspect each room monthly and have random inspections by our trained room cleaning staff to help maintain a clean and pest free facility. We also have specially made encasements on each bed that prevents anything from making it way into the mattress or box spring. We pride ourselves on keeping our teams equipped with the knowledge, training, and tools needed to identify and address any issues, and we regularly review our housekeeping standards and procedures to endeavor to ensure that each guest enjoys a safe, clean and comfortable environment in our hotel.

Thank You

Kris Betz, Director of Operations

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Stayed here from Jan 30-Feb 3 Family member received numerous bed bug bites on arms and legs!!!!! Will NEVER recommend or stay here again

Stayed between 20 and 25th October. Returned home with 6 bites on my arm. Did not notice the bugs, but am sure they were from staying here.

Stayed here from 22nd-24th of october 2013. Killed two blood-filled bed bugs and checked out immediately the same morning. The hotel management reimbursed our last night.

Room 422, stayed six nights, 30-40 bites. Could not find any evidence. Never had bites like these, they are itchy and in patterns of three.

Stayed at Whitcomb, room 205. wound up what started as one small mosquito like bite, which turned into multiple bites on stomach and back. Did the research... yep matched bedbug bites symptons exactly.

This hotel is packed year round with tourists and is probably making a fortune. Im sure they don't want to put rooms out of service for fumigation.

Like everyone else, I got bed bugs here and was told I caught them on the plane or a "couch"?.

I tossed everything from the trip. No compensation.

Wish I would have read reviews before I went. Live and learn. Awful hotel.

Stayed at the Whitcomb late August 22,23,24 2012. On the morning of the 24th, I awoke with huge red welts all over my body especially my back and right arm. I found bed bugs on the bed that morning. I alerted the manager immediately and he hushed me into a back room to say how sorry he was. He offered to pay one nights stay for me and my friend. They did launder my clothes for me but stuffed them back in my infested suitcase when done. I am still battling these hives and have been on megadoses o

f predisone for weeks now. It is now September 8th and I still itch and have scarring. I have been to Urgent Care, my primary doctor and a dermatologist and have laid out so much money for medicines and time off in caring for my health. They finally agreed to pay two nights and parking. I BEG you.... DO NOT STAY THERE! I am sure they just made the bed, changed the sheets and had someone else lie in that same room.

Laurie S.

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This place is disgusting! Stayed in room 777 for 6 nights. June 24th- June 30th. Woke up on the 26th to find a bedbug crawling on my comforter!
Did not notice any bites at the time until I came home about a week later to find both of arms covered in bites.


was about to get into bed...had been watching tv for an hour and noticed small and large bugs on and under pillows.

Ask managemet about pest control and spraying and was told only that they inspect each room and bugs must have crawled under door from hall, (????) Very strange answer.

Mangement moved me to other room but with no other costs covered.

I found bed bugs in the bathroom in the morning. Scary!

no description

During my recent stay (10 days) in the Hotel I had been bitten around 40 spots in my first room (no 480). I have managed to capture one bedbug around 4 am during the second night. So after complaining about the situation the manager upgraded me and had my clothes laundered the next day (the receptionist moved me to another temporary room before that when the manager was not yet available). After that I have received no more bites and I am also pretty confident I have managed not to introduce any

of these creatures back home where I redid the laundering and got rid of my suitcases before entering.

When asked if they knew about the issue they denied of having a history of bedbugs in that room up until my report.

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I stayed at the Whitcomb from October 23-26. 4 days after I left I found 6 bed bug bites on my neck. It was too late for me to take preventive measures when I reached home so I certainly hope I didn't bring any back. Some people have delayed reactions to bed bug bites so just because you don't feel itchy during your stay doesn't mean you weren't bitten while there!

Stayed in hotel Oct 26, 2011, room 358. I have small bites at base of neck and bites on one arm. My neck is very itchy. My co-workers were also bitten. They stayed in other rooms.

Small bug bites to the back of neck found during stay in Room 353, October 26, 2011. My co worker was in Room 453 and had several bites.

I stayed Hotel Whitcomb for business October 25-27, 2011, in room 453. I woke up with very itchy bites on neck, arms, and upper back. I researched and confirmed that they are, indeed, bed bug bites. I am calling the hotel right now to report this and request a refund. I am so angry.

I was a very frequent visitor to the whitcomb. I stayed there for 1-3 nights monthly for 4 years: 2007-2011. I never had any bed bug problems until my most recent and last stay: April 24-26th. Room 288. We are now afraid we brought them into our large suburban home. A nightmare! So sad to say goodbye to the Whitcomb forever.

I received bed bugs after my stay at the Hotel Whitcomb in San Francisco from April 7, 2011 to April 10, 2011.

Stayed in room 564 for 2 nights, 12/20/09 & 12/21/09 and came home tuesday with an itch on my arm. Now I have a huge full blown welt and 2 more on my fingers. Though, I have lived in a place with bed bugs years ago I knew exactly what it was when I felt the itch. I have tried to call and see what they will do about it and let them know about the room but I have yet to speak with somebody.

Room 382.

Woke up at approx 4am to find a blood filled bug on my pillow. Upon inspection a further smaller bug was found under the pillow.

Staff moved me to a new room but with no offer of laundering my clothes ect.

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