Grant Hotel
753 Bush St
San Francisco, CA

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I have been bitten by bed bugs in this hotel in the morning of March 21st 2019 in room 204. Even worse, the hotel staff told me it was my own fault.

After informing the reception staff of my bites, the hotel only wanted to refund me one nights stay. They told me they 'found no indication of bed bugs' and that their position is that I was 'bitten by bed bugs outside the hotel premises and might have unknowingly carried the bed bugs into the room'. They refused to take any responsibility whatso

ever, telling me 'the situation is beyond control of the hotel'.

After arguing with the owner over the phone, they refunded me an extra night and only very reluctantly agreed to cover expenses for a cortisone cream and a trip to the nearest open pharmacy, but not as an admission of guilt, but 'out of the goodness of their heart', because they 'feel sorry for me'.

Later, the admitted to having found bed bugs in my room after having called an exterminator. Only afterwards, the hotel agreed to my request and refunded my full stay. It made me feel like I had to fight for this every step of the way. At no point did I feel the hotel was forthcoming in this whole situation. The owner raised her voice on the phone at me, saying 'that it is not fair' that the hotel should refund my stay. What is not fair is them failing to provide safe premises and then blaming the visitor.

What is most shocking to me is that they inspected the room after I reported it, found nothing wrong with it and then the exterminator still found bed bugs. This says a lot about their standard of cleanliness in my opinion.

This hotel stay was a true nightmare for me and I find the way I was treated appalling.

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