Entella Hotel
905 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA 99999

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This is an old residential hotel. It's well managed in most other respects, but because the halls and rooms are carpeted, it's impossible to completely eradicate bug infestations. Besides that, all the management seem to know how to do is spray and vacuum.

Bedbugs are common here. I know of at least two other residents who have complained bitterly about them. Periodically, rooms are cleared out and sprayed. I'm not sure that it has done any permanent good.

I have lived here for several

years. The mattress and box spring when I moved in were very old and in poor condition. The mattress had a partially torn off tag which stated it had been reconditioned in 198- (the last digit illegible).

Early on I noticed dead bugs on the floor, and black specks on the sheets, but I was fairly oblivious to the bites. I didn't know what the bugs or the specks were, and when I decided there was a problem, I suspected it was fleas, of which there were a few.

Occasionally, I sprayed the room, used a bomb, or put down boric acid. Eventually, I experienced an allergic reaction to the bites and was itching terribly. Hearing complaints from other residents, I at last realized what the trouble was.

I replaced the mattress and box spring at my own expense, placed the bed's legs in cups (pipe ends), put liquid insecticide in the cups, half full. In a couple of nights, dozens of bedbugs drowned therein. I cleaned out and dried the cups, replaced the insecticide with diatomaceous earth, and also put the latter around the cups, in crevices along the room's floorboards and between the mattress and box spring. Finally, I bought a large mosquito net, suspended it from the ceiling, tucked the bottom of it between mattress and box spring all around, carefully closing the entrance opening. (This would probably do no good if the mattress were old, but as it was new and uninfested....) I bought a good vacuum and vacuum daily, except where I've put down diatomaceous earth. I have also sealed off the bottom of my doorway with plastic to discourage reinforcements.

I have eczema as a result of the many bites, but I'm no longer getting freshly bitten, and I gather that after a year, any remaining bedbugs will perish or go elsewhere.

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