Economy Inn San Francisco
1 Richardson Ave
San Francisco, CA 94123-2413

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Stayed in room 28, 3rd floor. Woke up with huge welts, obviously not mosquito bites. Saw dried drops of blood on sheets, that's when we knew they were bed bug bites. Sure enough, upon pulling back the sheets and inspecting the mattress, there was a gigantic nest. I'm kicking myself so hard that I didn't check beforehand. This is notorious in SF!!

booked the room online on booking .com which said it was the last room available in the economy inn. got there on august 7th 2012 for one night. the young man at the front desk seemed nervous about giving us the room but was really nice and kept repeating in a joking fashion that the room was "smelly" and "stinky" and that i should not give the motel a bad review. i stupidly thought it was a nice guy just being silly. got into the room which was a bit scary besides the bugs which i never look

ed for while i was there. torn/stained carpet and even stained cieling. again i just took it as an adventure since the sheets seemed clean enough. the same guy from the desk called the room's phone about 10 minutes after we got in the room and asked if it was stinky and that i should please not write a bad review. i smelled nothing so i said all was well. that night when returning from dinner, the room key did not work and had to get the key re-programmed for the door. later that night around 3 AM someone tried to enter the room in a way that was surely not an accidental door grab or the like. by the time i got to the window i saw no one(should have reported that immediately but i was half asleep). when leaving the next morning and returning the room key to the provided slot at the front door a different employee or the like actually asked which room number i was leaving from(it was #29) and when he heard it was that room he denied that it was possible that i had that room i must have been mistaken, but did not elaborate on why. i wasnt mistaken other than that i made the mistake of staying there. the next night i was back home in Los Angeles. each following night more small clustered bites found each morning until the first bedbug was found. i hav no prior history with bedbugs and there was no other reasonable source for the bedbugs. be very careful with the economy inn in san francisco.

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I was awakened at about 3:15 am on 4-13 by a stinging sensation on my left forefinger. At first I thought it was a mosquito bite but it didnt feel the same. When it continued to itch I turned on the light and found a bug which I captured to show the person at the desk. When I told him of the bug he didnt believe me, he reminded me of the time said he was sick and that that were no bugs in the room.

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