Dakota Hotel
606 Post St
San Francisco, CA

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I've been staying with my family, I am from Paris, my daughter was so stinging, who spent hours in a hospital I went to the owner he laughed in my face.

Speak to the Dakota Hotel, 606 post st?

A Place with a lot of dirt, I found in my room, bed bugs, corridors, stairs and kitchen of the hotel dog shit and pee, and that a work that lives it.
This dog is always small while walking through the hotel, talked with the owner name PJ, alias he refused to give the full name, said it was only PJ.
Are many things that we have seen that is not going well. here follows:
Bedbugs we really stung when I had to go to hospital.
Dog shit through the hallwa

ys and kitchen.
Sale of alcohol to under age 21.
Drugs will, you can smell marijuana in the corridors
Illegal poker game every Wednesday for real money.
My daughter asked the manager name is Brad believe this, he said the owner had a good relationship with the city paying the tax.

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Beware Dakota hotel, 606 post st. San Francisco California, owner name PJ, hospeado I was with my family, my son almost died from tanats bed bug bites, I spoke with this PJ so he changed the room I laugh at my family, besides much dirt with bugs, you must support a dog, it stinks and I lived walking by the hotel hazendo pee and shitting everywhere in the hotel, especially in the kitchen where all we eat.
Be careful not to host this hotel, pure dirt

I stayed 3 nights at the Dakota Hotel, April 9-12, 2012, and saw no evidence until I arrived home. I noticed a necklace of red bites all around my neck and down the front of my body.

We checked in at the Dakota in January 29th 2012 and stayed for 1 week. We were supposed to stay there for 3 weeks.
We are not from the USA and we did not know bed bugs. I was being bitten every single night, but did not know what was bitting me, until someone told me that it was bed bugs. I had about a hundred bites all over my body.
They changed our rooms and we washed everything we owned.
At the very same night that we changed rooms, I was bitten again, but I did not want to believe that t

hose were new bites. Two days later we found a bed bug walking around our bed. The whole hotel is infested!
We had to wash everything again and we changed into another hotel.
We are still afraid that we carried some bed bugs with us. If we take them home it will be a nightmare, because we don't have them in our country! We are still really worried.
Those bed bugs distroyed our trip to San Francisco!

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Checked in 10/21 and checked out 10/26. Didn't know of bed bug attack until two days after check out.

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