Civic Center Inn
790 Ellis St
San Francisco, CA 94109

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During my first few days I enjoyed the staff who were very kind. I also got them some chocolates and a thank you note showing my appreciation.

I brought my own blankets to stay there. I put them on top of their blankets.... long story short I got very bad BED BUGS. Went to the hospital and was treated for them but still is very very disappointed on how the manager didnt call me back. It was his day off when I woke up with them. The lady at the desk didnt ask surprised and was very rude. Y

ou would think the manager would want to call to apologize.

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Cheap tenderloin area motel. Checked in for two nights. Didn't notice bite until 24 hours after I left. 36 hours later I've got one big red scabby, blistering, oozing sore on my elbow. I emailed them with a picture, but don't expect a reply.

On thursday august 25th i checked into civic center inn late evening, was there for a couple of hours and went to bed late ngith, well i woke up hours later to itching and scratching and couldnt sleep anymore due to the irritaion on my skin, i tossed and turned all night long and looked under my covers to see if anything was under there that may be scratching me, well i found two bugs under the covers one tiny white one and a bigger brown flat one, i got them out of the bed and laid back down, s

till no sleep and then i had headache.

I bought calamine lotion on friday and felt ok as long as i was out of the room. Friday night still no sleep but i was happy as i was checking out on sat in the am. I checked out on Saturday and did not alert the staff as i was still not sure what was going on with me. I just knew i had bites and red marks on my bakc, arms and stomache, i left San Francisco and arrived to my next locaiton and went to the hospital on Sunday and was examined and treated and discharged with bed bug bites.

I have notified the hotel and they apologized and said they would check the room for bugs. I also alerted the san francisco health department wich is conducting a full investigation. Its now tuesday and 12 30 am and i am stll itching and scratching and scared to lay in a bed thinking about bed bugs. Please when staying at this hotel ask if they are bed bug free.

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