Bayside Inn at the Wharf
1201 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133-1301

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We checked in to Bayside Inn at the Wharf on 10/10/11. We were in room 324. After several hours in bed that evening, my wife awoke with a number of welts and bites. We lifted the covers and found a total of six to eight bed bugs in the bed and the room. We woke my sister who was in room 322 and she found one bedbug in her sheets. The night clerk refunded our money and we left the hotel. the night clerk indicated they had recently had Terminex treat rooms on the third floor.

My husband and I checked into a room on the third floor on Friday, September 30th, 2011. On Saturday morning, we woke up and one of my arms was loaded with welts. Within five minutes we caught 3 mature bedbugs, 1 flea, and collected insect fecal excrement from the sheets. We put all into a cup and my husband took the cup down to the management. This hotel was absolutely crawling with these creatures. I have between 400-500 welts over my entire body from the bedbugs, and my doctor also found S

cabies on me. It has been one week and I am still extremely uncomfortable, and unable to wear sleeveless/shortsleeve tops because of the dreadful welts. This is a lot of suffering from that 1 night stay at the Bayside Inn at the Wharf in San Francisco. I can't imagine what it would have been like if we had our little 4 month grandson with us.

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We spent three nights there - in 3 rooms because of bed bugs (9/26 - and checked out on 9/29). First room we saw a couple and took one to management in a cup. They put us in a second room. We stayed up reading while the bed was turned down and found too many bedbugs to count (some big and some very small babies) coming across the bed. Again, put a few in a cup and took them to management. They put us in a third room - again stayed up reading and watching the turned down bed - after a few h

ours - saw no bedbugs and felt comfortable enough to go to bed. They did give an average $10 a night discount to us because of the bedbugs. (Also to mention: precautions taken to try to not bring the little critters home with us - did not unpack suitcases at the motel and kept them off the bed. When we got home, did not take the suitcases inside the house, unpacked and washed everything immediately and sprayed down suitcases, purse, etc., with alcohol.) NOTE: I left same message on YELP - also another person who apparently stayed around the same timeframe left a message about bedbugs.

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Bed BUgs are here!!!

On January 9th 2011, My sister her boyfriend and I stayed at this hotel prior to making a reservation on according to reviews on priceline, it said this hotel was old but very clean. we got there and the maids werent done preparing our room, they put the bedding on and then left. we had just got ready for bed when my sister noticed on the pillow a little creepy crawler. we packed, and i put the bug in a cup to show a manager, and they said they wouldnt charge us, and we left to fi

nd another hotel and we all took showers to remove the ick factor!

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