Balmoral Residence Club
1010 Bush St
San Francisco, CA 94109-6214

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Actually the building is under new management. They got rid of the bedbugs. They immediately treat rooms that become infected. This does not happen very often.

2014-Horrible infestation/NOTHING salvagable, including my mind. (Had never heard of these). Everything got stained with black dots from bug feces that won't wash out. Hide in all electronics, my laptop! Smell horrible. When I was shopping, I put my purse on counter to pay & bugs were crawling all over it. On my coats. Sores on my neck, back, hands, face-attractive, heh?! This problem has gone on there for years- beyond repair unless kick everyone out/start over. The entire blding is covered in

same brown industrial carpet so they just spread (tons roaches/mice too) Residents all had this white powder pesticide poured in front of their doors. Feel like I have every bloodborne virus in SF! Actually just wrote this after reading in news that bedbugs carry parasite that transmit Chagas disease!!(if u stay here please don't carry this home to your friends/family-u wont have any-walk out with shirt on ur back-then burn it)! This was hard to write...but if it saves someone.

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Most rooms and apartments in this Apartment building / hotel and completely infested with Bedbugs (along with cockroaches and mice). The hotel has a exterminator who will apply a miserly amount of insecticide that is totally inadequate to control the huge number of bedbugs totally infesting this building. It is so bad that you can tell who resides there by the numerous bedbug bites on their arms, legs, etc.

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