Americas Best Value Inn San Francisco
10 Hallam St
San Francisco, CA 94103-3907

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7/24/2014 Third floor. Had only been sleeping a couple hours and my friend woke up saying she was getting bitten all over by something. Her eye had also started to swell shut. She caught a large bedbug in a kleenex and called the front desk. The man on duty initially said that there's no way it could be bedbugs. He then came up wearing protective gloves and took the "specimen" for evidence and said "Our manager takes this very seriously." Meanwhile I found 3 more crawling in my sheets, and

black spot stains all over the sheets. We moved rooms to the fourth floor, and eventually got a full refund. My bites took about 24 hours to start showing up, and I have over 50 on my hands, arms, neck and upper back. The hotel hired a fumigation service and apparently blocked off and fumigated our original room the next morning.

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BED BUGS!!!!! BED BUGS!!!!!! BED BUGS!!!!!!!

First off, there was BLOOD ON THE LINENS!!!! I took several pictures. There were also stains all over the walls, carpets, and drapes. Second, there was poor ventilation, and the heating/cooling system for my room did not work. And third, and worst of all -- I HAVE BED BUG BITES ALL OVER MY BODY!!!!!! I know this is from this hotel because I do not have them where I live in Los Angeles, and after I spent this night at this hotel in San Francisc

o, I stayed in Napa Valley with a group of my friends at the same bed and breakfast, and even shared beds with them, and none of them have painful itchy blisters which appeared all over my body on Sunday morning (bed bug bites take as much as five to seven days to appear). With the terrible squalor of this hotel, I am not surprised at all that this is the case.

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April 28-29, 2012. The place is disgustingly filthy and I woke up covered in bed bug bites.Tthe staff was really accommodating and refunded us for the night we spent and our next two nigths that had already been paid for. The area is great but some locals told us that the whole neighborhood is infested. Not the best start to our holiday.

Omg I book this hotel and is the worst esperience ever
The hotel is full of Bed Bugs!!
Don't stay here !!!

I stayed at the America's Best Value in at 505 O'Farrel St (which I could not find in the registry) from 10/1 - 10/7/2011. The night after I returned home, I started getting bitemarks. I'm in contact with a local exterminator and we have not yet confirmed the presence of bugs, but we both feel it is most likely bedbugs.

I checked into this hotel on Sept. 30th for 3 nights. We had checked our room completely the first night and found no signs of an infestation. On the morning of Oct. 2nd (2nd night) I discovered a bed bug crawling on the towel I had hung up before getting into the shower. I killed it and got dressed. My room mates found two more of them in the next 10 minutes. One was on the bed (and had recently fed), the other was crawling out of the air vent on the wall.
When I showed the attendtant the bug

I found he didn't seem suprised by it at all. He asked if I wanted to be moved to another room. When I told him I wanted my money back and that I was leaving within the hour he didn't argue and gave me an invoice to show I would not be charged. When I asked him if he had been aware of this problem he said they were aware of it and thought it was only isolated to the 2nd floor. I later found out he was the manager. His name was Marvin.

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Oct 1, 2011
Three exhibitors from the APE convention stayed at this hotel and reported the next morning that they had bedbugs in their room.

I checked in September 3rd, 2011. I was scheduled to stay until the 6th but here it is, the 5th and I am out of there. The place was filthy but I figure that as long as the bed is clean, I should be able to.stomach it. After all, I had already prepaid through and couldn't afford to go somewhere else. The first night there were a couple of beetle like bugs on the beds. I didn't know what bedbugs looked like so I thought it was so rogue pesky bugs. The second night I was there, I began

to notice a couple of bites. By this morning (the 5th), I had red bumps all over me. At least twenty something. I got out of that place as fast I could. Now I will have to do everything I can to santize my belongings and just hope that nothing follows me home. I will definitely be checking this registry from now on.

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I went to check in on the 6th of this month - 11/06/2010 - and although being very helpful, the staff ensured me of no bedbugs and sent me to a room on the third floor. When I looked at the room there was one huge bedbug crawling on the fabric portion headboard so I went straight back to the front desk and notified them of the infestation. The man on duty said he was sorry and offered that I changed floors. Knowing that if there was one, there would be no escaping them at all on the premises, I

made him promise that if I should find one on another floor he would release the reservation and deposit with no penalties. Of course, upon checking the room on the fourth floor there were droppings along the edges of the mattresses which were sneakily covered in zip-up sheer mattress bags. When I returned to the front desk to tell the person on duty, he said, "That's strange, we haven't had reports on that floor," as if he knew he had them on the third floor!

This place knows they have bedbugs and straight up lie about it when asked before checking in. They also have not released the deposit and try to evade my bank when they call about it. Please, do not stay here.

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Stayed at the end of July 2010.

I booked through & went through several hotel review websites prior to booking. All I saw were complaints of noise, the bar downstairs... the usual. I normally don't stay in my room too long so I thought for the price it was good.

I come back to my room around 1 am. I actually lay down on my bed for a little bit. I got up and I come back and I noticed the wall was "moving." I look at the headboard and a TON of bed bugs are coming out from behind i

t, and some started crawling on the bed and inside the sheets. NASTYYYYYY!!

So I call front desk, no one picks up. Physically go down stairs & start pounding on the doors... nothing. Call & have them contact the hotel...NOTHING. They leave a laptop downstairs so I write the biggest complaint letter to corporate. Then google what to do when you come in contact with bed bugs. I took a ton of videos of them moving around on the walls & bed, but I have blurry cell cam pictures. I ended up killing at least 20 of them, so I put them in a bucket and left it on the front desk counter... since no one was there with a "how was your stay" survey. I literally threw away the clothes I wore when I layed down and packed my luggage and slept in my car.

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