Aldrich Hotel
439 Jones St
San Francisco, CA 94102

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Hi my name is Barbara Sweeney and I pay rent by the month.
We have had two apartments that have had bed bugs in them.

we have tried to work with the manager and now he is trying to say we owe more rent then what we pay by the month not a week, and he refuses to help us.

I have waited for three months for the pest company to come and no showing up for my unit. I have today again had to deal with this i am spraying, washing clothes, to no avail.

Now he wants to throw me and my husb

and and my dog out because he will not believe me. Can some one help us. We have gone from the third floor to the fourth and now he wants to put us back in the old room were there are still bed bugs, I am disabled and can not sleep or eat due to this my husband and I are afraid and not sure what to do now. can some one help us. The Managers name is Bob.
Please have some one help us on this matter.

Thank you,
Barbara Sweeney
available wednesday to sunday 11am to 8pm

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