Vagabond Inns
625 Hotel Cir S
San Diego, CA 92108-3404

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Checked in July 20 2012. Everything was going fine until we noticed bites on the 28th. We didnt think much of it at first as we are used to mosquitos in our home town. The next day we noticed even more bites and started looking around for signs of bed bugs. We found black spots on 2 of the sheets but didnt want to jump to conclusions until we found evidence. We didnt find anything at first after checking the mattresses, then we decided to pull out bed frames from the wall and inspect the box spr

ings. We found many black spots and bug shells on the spring as well as some live bugs!!!

We reported the issue to the front desk clerk around 10pm and requested a new room. He couldn't accomodate us because he didnt want to contaminate an additional room. He said he left a voicemail with management and would advise us of their recommendations. We didn't hear back from anyone and reluctantly were forced to fall asleep in a bug infested room at 2am.

The next morning some one came to look around and said that the signs of bugs are minor and we will hear back from a supervisor. I finally heard from management and they accused us of bringing the bugs in, and would only reimburse us for 1 night. Their reasoning is that they check for bugs after every stay, and that since we noticed the bites several days after check-in, it was unlikely that they were there when we checked in. I said that was unacceptable and requested a full refund for the entire 10 days. After the conversation ended, we decided to inspect further for more signs since the person sent to inspect the room didn't seem to do a thorough job. To our disapointment we found even more live bugs at other sections of the box springs. I have yet to hear back from the General Manager regarding a resolution, and will most likely be forced to seek legal action.

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We were there in September of 2011 and the first day we came back and they were spraying our room. They said for spiders. It was all down hill after that. Terrible customer service in the evening by a clerk who insulted me. Need i go on??

The Vagabond in Hotel Circle San Diego was a regular place my employer use for staff. In June 14 2007 just about an hour in to my sleeping, a rush in my hands and other parts of my body woke me up. Using the light of my cell phone I found blood traces in the blankets, when I turned on the room lights I found at least 4 ticks that where sucking my blood.
I called the front desk to report the issue but I felt that the hotel employee was trying to minimize the issue like it wasn't important. I th

en requested him to just refund my organization because I was planing to move out. He refused to the refund, he refused to give me any written report of the incident and he even called the police on me.

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03/29/2010 to 4/4/2010

I paid for a week long stay at this hotel. I woke up after the first night with bites everywhere! I even had to go to the ER.

I made a complaint to the front desk and asked for a refund for the remainder of the week and they refused! They gave me a card for 20% off a special suite if I would like to come back for a "romantic getaway".

Really?? a romantic getaway at the bedbug infested Vagabond Inn?

Found one bed bug on shower curtain in bathroom. Reported it to the front desk and checked out immediatly.

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