Super 8 Sea World San Diego Ca
445 Hotel Cir S
San Diego, CA

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I stayed there in early August 2010 (not really). I met a guy named David Hill and his portly wife (not really). "Dave" had a remarkable ability to place unnecessary pauses in his conversations and slaughter the English language. In fact, he often pronounced "manager" as "manger". That's not a typo in his post, that's how he talks. Good times!

me and my wife stayed here 3 weeks ago,we both woke up itching ,so we took showers and went back to bed,we woke up we had small red spots all over our bodys,so we took off the sheets and checked the matress,we found 20 to 40 small bugs ,bed bugs ,i looked it up on my cp to see what bedbugs look like ,and thay were bedbugs lots of them,we told the manger ,he told us a few bits wont hurt us,the manger was a real ass hole,he did not care ,i will never stay there again,,,,,,dont stay at this hotel

My boyfriend and I stayed at the Super 8 on Hotel Circle in Mission Valley (San Diego) and we saw a bed bug crawling on the bed. We put it in a cup and I showed it to the staff and asked to be put in a different room.

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