Super 8 San Diego South Bay Area
1788 Palm Ave
San Diego, CA 92154

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We stayed here for 1 night in room 210 on August 30th for Labor Day Weekend. The place looks decent in the photos, in fact, the photos on all the websites are not of this motel! It is DISGUSTING. We just wanted a clean place to sleep after going to a concert at Sleep Train Amphitheater. We weren't expecting the Ritz, but we were not prepared for total squalor and filth. We had to cut our labor day trip short because of our experience here.

We woke up covered in bed bug bites and sure enou

gh, when we pulled the sheets off, the mattress was covered in them. You're telling me the maids would not have seen these when making the bed?! They did give us a refund, but that doesn't cover the doctor visit I needed for the bites, the time and hassle of having to sanitize EVERYTHING before going home plus the things I had to throw away to make sure I did not take them home with me. We also did not get to see our family and friends we were planning on seeing in San Diego for fear we would have the bugs in our stuff. The floors were filthy. The comforter was full of cigarette burns.

I haven't slept a wink since because I am horrified and still am scared of finding them in my own home. Stay far away from this dump. It should be burned to the ground.

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Sept.24 2010 my whole family and I went to San Diego for my daughters 15th birthday party where we were going to stay till the 26th. Two weeks in advance I had reserved 4 rooms to accomadate all of us. Most of them driving after work so getting there late went straight to sleep. I recieved a phone call Saturday morning from one of the lucky people staying in room 116 crying there were bud bugs. I went to go check myself and the bed was infested with huge to tiny bugs. A sealed toilet reading

sanitized had urine in it. Room 118 had spiders and a blood stained towel. 128 one of the sheets looked like it had poop stains. 102 had dirty shower curtains jut a bad experience all around.

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