St James Hotel Gaslamp
830 6th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101-6307

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I checked into this hotel on 8/8, room 420. I slept there for three nights before I realized what the bites that kept appearing every morning were.

When I finally put it together, I had around 15 bites on my neck, arms and hands. I searched around the room for evidence of the bugs, and found a few instances of the feces/blood smear that is their hallmark. One was on the comforter, so its unclear how long these things have been around.

I immediately checked out of the hotel and called the

manager the next day that he was in to try to get a refund. Both the front desk staff and he were sympathetic, and had apparently called in the exterminator after I left to check out the room. Clearly they are aware of the issue, since it appears this just happened in March with another traveler.

I'm still grossed out however, and will always check this registry before I stay anywhere new again!

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I checked into room 426 in the Ramada St James Gaslamp on 3/24. I woke up at 4:30am on 3/25 because I was itchy, and I found that I had bug bites on both of my arms and my face. I pulled the sheets back and found an actual bed bug in the bed.

I showed the bites and the bug to the manager. He offered to let me switch rooms if I let his staff clean all of my personal belongings, but he wouldn't actually admit that there was a bed bug problem. I checked out.

When I returned the next day t

o attempt again to get my money back, the manager simply said, "You didn't get those bites here."

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