Mission Valley Resort
875 Hotel Cir S
San Diego, CA 92108

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Woke up to blood stain on my pillow. Saw one bug crawl across my sheet. Checked out of the hotel but I'm now suffering from bed bug bites. Itchy, burning, bites all over my body. Awful!

I woke to blood stains on the sheets. The staff was friendly when I reported the infestation. They refunded one night from my bill. Given dirty and extremely bad condition of this motel
( Resort?) I'm not convinced that the management will take this infestation seriously.

January 20th of 2015. Bed bugs for sure. Room was dirty and upon first inspection I did not see the bed bugs. After being there 30 minutes a small one crawled across my pillow. Upon further inspection some were found buried in the box spring.
Totally gross!

This place is a dump, but even worse is that is has bed bugs!

July 2014. Booked the hotel because of the affordable price and thought it couldn't be that bad because of the name. Didn't have time to research the hotel before booking. Arrived in San Diego late that night and checked the mattresses right away. It was gross! I moved the mattress to find dead bead bugs under the mattress and what seems to be dust and old skin lining the mattress. It was disgusting!!! I quickly called the front desk to inform them that I would not be staying and I checke

d into the Comfort Inn down the way. The Comfort Inn did not have bed bugs and the mattresses looked clean and bug free. Don not check into the Mission Valley Resort. It is worth paying a few extra bucks to stay some where else!! BEWARE! GROSS!

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The worst hotel in hotel circle..DNT LET THE NAME FOOL YOU..I wz there end of July 2013, I booked for 2dys, I was jst going to spnd two dys and was going to be out and about,so jst got there and droped off our lugage and headed out to meet w/friends, got back late,didn't feel very comfortable being there but it wz late had to make the best of it...In the middle of the nite I felt something crawling on the bed,it wz a ROACH, I couldn't. Sleep after that I was so afraid and felt so dirty, there

was no way I would stay one more night....Went to the front office to check out and complained, I wz still charged for the 2/DAY even though I only stayed there ONE DAY...I was given the hotel Manager Phon# to contact him (Jaime Gonzalez)to see what he cn do, and till now 08/05 haven't heard from him .

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They were crawling all over the head of the bed and on the sides of the bed.

We woke up to little dots of blood all over the white sheets.

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