Crowne Plaza Hotel San Diego - Mission Valley
2270 Hotel Cir N
San Diego, CA 92108-2810

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Stayed July 29- August 1 2014 for conference. Room 1812. Each night I was there, I awoke with new bites, welts, hives on legs. First I noticed one foot, then legs, Last stay there I noticed a huge welt on right side of my face (temple). Saturday morning, finally home, welts oozed then crusted over. Disgusting. It is a pet friendly hotel so I though fleas. I did see a small black spider in the room my second night. COuld be bugs bugs too. Don't know but my room was infested. Saw a coworker who s

tayed in the same hotel but different floor. He told me the same thing. His welts were so bad, he had to go to the emergency room. He showed me a welt on his foot. A huge, red, swollen hive. That place needs to be fumigated or condemned. Awful.

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My girlfriend and I are staying with a friend for the annual Society for Neuroscience conference in San Diego. We booked room 1634 in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Diego from Nov. 8th to Nov. 14 2013. The room was infested with bed bugs. Our friend's bed actually had either a blood stain or bed bug feces on the pillow in the form of a dark brown spot. We had the pillow replaced, but did not know this was an indicator of bed bugs so we all spent the night in the room. Upon awakening, our friend h

ad 66 bites all over her body. Her wrists were so swollen that she could not use a pen! I suffered 10 bites on my right arm and my girlfriend was bitten on her neck, face, and lower back. We informed the hotel of this horrible incident and in return, the management offered to comp only that night of our stay! We were outraged. After we threatened legal action against the hotel, they sent an "outside company" to inspect the room for bed bugs. We were told that the "inspectors" found no bed bugs, but the bites on my arm, my girlfriend, and our friend tell the true story. We are currently seeking compensation for our stay and the cost of cleaning our clothes and suitcases. I would recommend that all travelers stay far away from this appalling establishment and the despicable, apathetic management staff that run the place.

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stayed 05/22/13 05/23 ....25 30 bites hands legs stomach neck i am pass upset...deciding on my course of action

Pulled back covers to check for bugs and about 5-10 minutes later saw a (tiny) spider on sheets. Later in the night after running the heater I noticed a bit larger spider on the wall near the unit.

Stayed in rooms 1814 and 1837 nights 8/12 to 8/14/11. Multiple bites on neck, shoulder and arms.

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