Country Inn & Suites by Carlson, San Diego North, CA
5975 Lusk Blvd
San Diego, CA 92121-2781

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Found a bedbug on the bed past midnight, Saturday May 17, 2014. Was suspicious because I saw the housekeeping staff was piling sheets and comforters in the hallway earlier in the day. Sure enough, that night I found a bedbug that night. Room was on the 6th floor. Too bad as I've stayed there numerous time and it's a decent value for the money. But I don't think I'd ever be able to sleep there peacefully again.

Sept 27 2011:
Woke up with welts all over my neck. I couldn't figure out what it was.

Sept 28 2011:
Woke up at 5:30am with something stinging my neck and found it was a bedbug. It was crawling on the bed and had stung my neck chest and hand. I killed it and took pictures. Reported it to the front desk - they said the manager will not be in till 7am.

I checked into the this hotel on July 13, 2011 for a one night reservation. I was staying under another reservation at the same hotel from July 14-17 so needed to change rooms after the first day. I moved my bags from one room to the other and later in the day noticed a bug on my suitcase. I didn't think much of it a first and then thought I should catch it and show it to the front desk in case it was a bed bug. It was very much alive when caught but I was not able to talk to the front desk abou

t it right away and unfortunately it got smashed before I was able to talk to them. When I did show it to them they said it looked old. They did say they would check my two rooms I was in thoroughly since I didn't know if it was from the room I was in at that time or if I brought it from the previous room I was in. I was not there when they did check the room so I am not sure exactly what they did. All I noticed was the sheets were off the bed. Same pillow cases/comforters were still on the bed though. They offered to let me switch rooms, but I felt that if that room had just been checked why move to a room that had not been checked. They never actually followed through with me. I had to ask them what was going on and they never did tell me if they found anything in the other room I moved from. That was the extent of what they did. I was told unfortunately these are the things we have to deal with when traveling these days. So, needless to say the rest of my stay was not the best. I never unpacked anything, was always wondering if there were more bed bugs and stressed about whether we would bring them home with us!

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