La Quinta Inn San Bernardino
205 E Hospitality Ln
San Bernardino, CA 92408-3411

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We were staying at this hotel in mid April 2014 while in Loma Linda for medical reasons. After a thorough inspection of the room that turned up no clue of bedbugs and on our third night at the hotel we found a bedbug in one of our beds. We brought the bug to the front desk and management was as helpful as could be about the situation, providing garbage bags for us to put our luggage in, giving us a new room and waiving the charge of our stay. They seemed very concerned and hopefully this conc

ern will motivate them to hire exterminators.

Or room was on the first floor between the pool and the front desk. I can not remember the room number as we ended up with two.

Just a reminder to be even more diligent while inspecting a room for bedbugs. I hoped what we found was not actually a bedbug since I had searched each bed top to bottom but an exterminator friend confirmed it was by looking at pictures we took of the nasty little critter.

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We checked in on May 10, 2012 and the next morning we realized there were bed bugs in the bed. We brought one of the bed bugs to the front desk.

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