Howard Johnson Inn
131 John St
Salinas, CA 93901-3337

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My family and I stayed at this hotel on August 9-12, 2010. The room we stayed in had to have had bedbugs. We did not feel them or see them, however we did have evidence of blood on one of the pillow cases. Both myself and my 8 year old daughter received the most bites. Everyone reacts different to bedbug bites. We learned quickly that it wasn't until we were already packed up and headed home that the bites appeared. By the time we arrived home from our 12 hour drive, my whole body was cove

red. Arms, Legs, back neck, and even face was covered in red welts and itched terribly. The next day, my daughter's bites appeared. I went to the doctor because the itch was so intense. It was determined that based on the pattern of the bites, location of the bites, these were indeed bedbug bites. I called the hotel immediately after being diagnosed with bedbug bites to notify them and to ask for a full refund. I counted 80 bites on my right arm alone...I estimate over 150 bites total. The hotel has yet to compensate me for my trouble. I sent them pictures of myself, doctors note, and still no credit back to my card. I had two different exterminator companies, one with bedbug sniffing dogs come to check out my house because I am so paranoid that they travelled home with me in my luggage or belongings. So far, no sign of them...Thank the Lord! The general manager of this hotel has yet to respond to any of my calls, emails or messages. Their lack of response should be quite concerning.

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