Fairfield Inn-Modesto
4342 Salida Blvd
Salida, CA 95368-9322

Found 2 reports:

The Stanislaus County Health Department visited the hotel in response to a complaint of bed bugs and confirmed the hotel had an infestation in several rooms. The rooms were quaranteened and the hotel was ordered to treat the infestation. This was the week of April 24, 2014. Health Dept was called because the management was unresponsive to complaints about bed bugs. Scary place.

Stayed at this hotel April 14, 2014 thru April 16, 2014 in room 116. Was bitten by bugs in the bed on my arms and back in the night, could feel the bites and then very itchy. Red bumps in the morning. Hotel was unresponsive when complained to them.

No nearby bug reports