Quality Inn
915 W Cutting Blvd
Richmond, CA 94804

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I checked into the Days Inn (no longer the Quality Inn) on September 19, 2013. After sitting in bed for about 20 minutes I saw at least four bed bugs crawling on the sheets and pillow cases. When I looked inside the pillow cases, one of the pillows had large spots of blood all over it - clearly from where a previous guest had been bitten. Disgusting.

The front desk manager - named Lisa (she would not give her last name) - was rude, unhelpful, unapologetic and dismissive. She told me to check

out because if she gave me another room she could not guarantee it would be bug free. I was forced to find another hotel at 11pm.

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We stayed at Days Inn for one evening on Friday July 26th in Room 214. Being that we checked in so late ~10PM, we did not pay detailed attention to the exact condition of the room nor the beds. It seemed okay to sleep in for one short night. Well long story short, my two young children now are covered with bug bite marks all over their face, neck, arms, and legs... basically any part of their body that was exposed. Fortunately for myself and my mother, continuously being awaken by the itchy, c

rawling feeling was a reminder to keep covered as much as possible.

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This isnt the quality inn anymore its the DAYS INN and I just found about eight bed bugs in my bed I have pictures and gps locationfof where I took them.This place is nasty they don't even clean the rooms properly and have stains all over the carpets. I walked in the front office and to my surprise there is a lady that as soon as she hears me say I have bed bugs she says that she found them in her room too it's infested

I stayed for a week. Upon departure I was covered in bites. I found one in my bed, but had never seen a bed bug and so I didn't realize what I had stumbled upon.

I stayed 10/28/12-11/2/11.

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