Crowne Plaza Hotel Redondo Beach and Marina
300 N Harbor Dr
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Found 6 reports:

my daughter stayed at this hotel for girlfriends wedding and upon going to sleep found bed bug on pillow and by mattress. they were very kind and refunded money but all the hassle after they did not pay for. be warned do not stay at this hotel at all

I stayed in room 4032 on October 26, 2013. The day after I had bites. I will report to the hotel soon, I didn't notice the bites until after I checked out.

Room 2045 After staying in this room had over 50 bites on my arms and neck.

found 4 bedbug bites on my calf a couple days after staying at the Crowne Plaza from 10/26/11 to 10/28/11. I know what they look and feel like because I had them in my apartment years ago. Am about to contact the hotel.

Bed bugs found when I stayed there from Aug. 23-25. I was on the 5th floor. I have several bed bug bites!!!

On the morning of Thursday, March 10, 2011, in room 3003 I found one bedbug on each of the two double bed bedspreads, two on the carpet and one on the bathroom tile floor. Three were caught and put into a zip lock bag and given to hotel management, who the next day advised that their exterminators identified them as bedbugs.

The hotel was most responsive, immediately putting me into another room, and offering to have my clothing dry cleaned.

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