Super 8 Redding
5175 Churn Creek Rd
Redding, CA 96002-3915

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My dad, stepmother and i slept in the redding CA super 8 hotel in a room om the second floor i dont remember exactly what number it was in i think 335 or something, it was on thursday night sept 11th and woke up the next morning found one bite on my shin on the morning of sept 12th... didnt think anything of it. So we continued our journey to washington on friday the 12th of sept and left by 8 the car i began noticing that i was itching in multipule places and found other mutliple bites on

my legs and ankels and a couple on my toes. I am concerned there may be some kind ofnpest problem. I think it needs some kind of attention or something. Thanks.

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