Howard Johnson
2731 Bechelli Ln
Redding, CA 96002-1924

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I stayed at the hotel for one night and 24 hours later I had bites all over my body. I am estimating around 30 itchy markings in less than a 6 hour stay. The staff is nice, pool was clean, AC was functional but they need to treat their rooms for bed bugs.

We believe we were exposed to bed bugs at this hotel on Sept 19, 2014. We found a little "dirt" in the sheets, but are not bed bug experts, so we just "dusted" it off and went to sleep. In hindsight, it could have been a molted exoskeleton. We also found a live bug, but were not able to identify it. Six days later, one of us began noticing reactions to bite marks appearing all over face, neck, arms & torso. Ten days after staying here, a second person began to exhibit itchy red spots consistent

with photos of bed bug bites. At first we thought it must have meant we brought bedbugs home until we read the CDC website stating the bites may take up to 14 days to show a reaction. We cannot prove anything for certain, but we will never stay here again because we are convinced we were exposed to bedbugs at this hotel.

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We stayed here for the cheap price and convenient location for the road trip down I-5. I'm warning you though, DO NOT STAY HERE. Here are the biggest reasons: (1) there are BED BUGS. this is confirmed by pictures we showed the exterminator. There were so many in our room that they were climbing all over the walls (2) it was very evident that our room wasn't cleaned at all. There was a Smirnoff ice bottle in the corner, no fitted sheet, stains on the sheets, fresh stains in the towels, and grease

on the table.

They at least gave us a full refund after we looked through the room for ten minutes. The bed bugs were the last straw. Then when I called the next day because we saw a bed bug on our luggage, the lady told me that they have never had this problem before, therefore they cannot give me the number to their exterminator for advice. She also told me to put dryer sheets all over my bed and that if they ever bite me, it's ok because bed bugs don't carry disease.

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