Relax Inn
730 Spring St
Paso Robles, CA 93446

Found 2 reports:

Arrived Sept. 14 for one night stay. First they gave us Room 104. My husband and I checked and easily found one live bed bug between the mattress and the box spring. I showed the bug to the owner (who didn't even argue) and he immediately put us in Room 101. We checked everything very closely and found Room 101 bed bug free, but there were many signs the room had been previously fumigated/infested. My husband found a dead bed bug the next morning. We packed everything and left. Put all our cloth

es in plastic bags (including those we wore) as soon as we got home and plan to wash in hot water as a precaution. If I had bothered to check this website before, I would not have made a reservation. Will not make that mistake again.

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Found an adult brown bedbug on bedsheet after waking up on 4/14 in room 111, a room with double beds. Didn't know it was bedbug until after returning home and looking them up. Originally thought it was some insignificant bug like maybe a (cock)roach.

Reason for looking them up was I had many series of what appear to bed bug bites the next day (when I returned home). I might have brought them home somehow as well, not sure, looking into it.

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