La Quinta Inn & Suites Ontario Airport
3555 Inland Empire Blvd
Ontario, CA 91764-4908

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I was in the room, didn't notice anything. Went to sleep & woke up an hour later to a tickle on my face. Turned on the light & there were about 10 bedbugs, mostly smaller in size under the sheets with me. They scattered but one of the smaller ones just stayed there. Itlooked like it was dead but it was probably just weak. I worked it from the sheet to a kleenes & put it in a styrofoam cup & called the front desk. Thet asked me to bring it down so I did & they let me change rooms & said the

y would comp me for 1 night. I noticed 2 other reports of bed bugs in that hotel (one was on Trip Advisor) from last year but none on this site.

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