Sutter Hotel Incorporated
584 14th St
Oakland, CA 94612-1443

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We really liked the Sutter Hotel...the staff is 5 Star. I was aware that there was an issue with pests...and the rooms could definitely use a thorough cleaning. The price was right...considering the out of control cost of housing in Oakland.

We were in 3 rooms over a period of 2 months. We switched to a less expensive room on a lower floor; the first night of our week, I woke up itching and had noted earlier the feeling of being bitten...thought a mosquito.

I turned on the light and saw

a bug on the bedside table and smashed it. A bloody red blistery bug carcass streaked on the table.

At that point, I looked to my sleeping 12-year old and this giant version of what I had just smashed crawled out from under him. I smashed that and a beet red smear appeared on the white sheet. PANIC...disgust...filth...itchy, creepy crawly, nasty...I looked closer and they were everywhere. All sizes...the bigger ones confirmed I was not seeing things...

They treated the room and returned half my money. I did not sleep in the room...I took my son to my van...which I fear I may have contaminated.

I am struggling to maintain stability for my family and having to deal with the cost of trying to decontaminate myself and possessions has made my situation 10 times worse. Suicidal thoughts...seriously.

I have kids...I wont kill myself over this...but I am sitting here with a van packed with bug contaminated things...all my money has gone to cleaning products and laundry...I am homeless, hungry and cant go anywhwere for fear of contaminating someone. Heinous situation.

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