La Quinta Inn Oakland - Airport Coliseum
8465 Enterprise Way
Oakland, CA 94621-1317

Found 2 reports:

We stayed at this hotel to attend a concert at nearby Oracle Arena. The room appeared very clean and we thoroughly checked the mattress of each bed for bed bugs, looking between the mattresses, under pillows and in the sheets. We found nothing, until the morning there was a single bed bug crawling across the sheet of the slept in bed. We reported it to the hotel staff who were not very concerned. We bagged up all of our belongings in plastic bags and left. Just to confirm our suspicions tha

t this was in fact a bed bug we collected the bug in a container and took it to an entomologist at the department of agriculture. It was confirmed that this was a bed bug.

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Stayed here for the weekend to attend a Raider game. When we were about to go to sleep, I noticed an ADULT MALE bed bug casually crawling on our pillows. I flushed it and searched for more, but couldn't find any. Of course there were probably hundreds more hiding in the mattress, but I didn't want to dig that much. Nasty...

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