Executive Inn and Suites
1755 Embarcadero
Oakland, CA

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0n 3/16/2015 I checked into room 148. When I first went into the room I noticed how the air conditioning was left on and the room was very cool. I ended up putting on the heater and left in on too long and the room got really warm. An hour or two later BEFORE I went to bed I saw some bugs on the sheets by the pillows. I wasn't even looking for bed bugs! I think the hotel kept the room cool to keep the bugs more dormant.

Anyways I called the front desk, they weren't surprised about the bed bu

gs, and got me a new room. That's where I'm sitting now. Watching TV, NOT going to bed, waiting for the morning to come so I can check out and get the heck outta here!

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I got bed bugs from your hotel on June 8th & 9th,2011.

dirty hotel, old and not for humans

I was in room 149 and there were bed bugs. I know because after I stayed, my own room started to have some. I believe they traveled in my luggage. Stay away from this place!

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