Super 8 Monterey
2120 Fremont St
Monterey, CA 93940-5213

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Stayed here Nov 25 & 26 2015. Woke up in the morning of the 27th with big welts on both legs, feet, on my back, and left arm. Went online and looked up photos of bed bug bites and these were definitely bed bug bites. I must be allergic to some degree because they had tiny blisters develop around them and several became infected over the next several days. The hotel bathroom was also dirty with urine and hair on the floor under the toilet which I immediately complained about and had them clean an

d sanitize the bathroom.

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March 3, 2013:
This website showed one report of bedbugs at the super 8, but it seemed like it could have been a mistaken identity, since there were no actual sightings, just a few bites. At $60/night, the price was great and it had good reviews, so I tried it...
I got a room on the second floor, and a check of the bed revealed that the mattress was sealed in a protective cover, but there were two carcasses lying on the box spring (outside the cover). After looking at MANY images of bedbugs,

I'd say I'm 98% sure they were bedbugs. I took them to the front desk. They were entirely unphased/unsurprised and not apologetic, but immediately refunded my money.

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Stayed on 8/18/2012. My husband and I stayed in room 111 which was fine, but our friends stayed in room 105. One of them developed 2 bites right next to each other on the top of her hand several hours after we checked out. I was fairly certain upon examining them that they were bedbug bites, which have a distinctive whitish peak. I also learned that bedbug bites often take around 12 hours to develop, which places them squarely in the night we slept at the Super 8.

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