Quality Inn Modesto
500 Kansas Ave
Modesto, CA 99999

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Have stayed in this hotel two nights per week the last six months, always on the first floor, due to regular work in the area.
In October 2015 another guest from the second floor brought some bugs in a cup down to the breakfast area and asked me if I had any idea what they were. The bugs looked like small,brown tics, and the guest brought them to the front desk.
In November I got to my room around 9 pm, sat on the bed to make phone calls, and saw two small brown bugs start crawling tow

ards me. I put them in a cup, and brought them to the front desk. These bugs were about the same color and size as the ones the lady showed me a few weeks before. I looked up bed bugs on the internet, and these bugs were not tics, they were for sure bed bugs. I brought the bugs to the front desk, and they moved me to a different room immediately. However, that could have transferred the bugs along with my stuff.
During the months of October, November and December I began having what I thought were "hives" including welts, itchy skin, and small bumps on my arms, legs, back, etc. These "hives" have turned out to be reactions to the bed bug bites.
I found two bed bugs again on 1/12/16 in a different room on the first floor. Now my skin is covered with welts and reactions to the bites. I am complaining to Choice Hotels chain, who will take the complaint and report it to the hotel. But, Choice Hotels said that the first step is to try and get reimbursement for the stays from the hotel itself: not sure how this will go. Definitely will not stay here again. My advice is to take pictures of: the bugs, any reactions you develop which may take days after the bites; don't put any items on beds or floors, but off the floor, on shelves; visit a doctor if you develop a reaction to get documentation; look up bed bug info online; good luck.

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Bed closest to door in room 220. My roommate said he didn't get bit once. He was next to the window. I got bit at least a dozen times or more.

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