Quality Inn
1213 V St
Merced, CA 95340

Found 3 reports:

They handled the situation promptly and professionally. I was moved to another room, but more importantly they sealed of the offending room, and are taking immediate action. This shows me allot about the hotel staff. I will stay here again, it's not their fault the little hitchhikers decided to stop here, by all indications it will be their last stop.

Room number 110, I just changed rooms at 12:00 midnight. Not what I wanted to do. I'm here on business and I've taken sleep medications so I can't drive to another hotel. I hope the second room is clean ( of bed bus) THIS SUCKS!!!

We stayed there the night of November 20, 2010 in an upstairs room facing the pool. The room seemed clean when we arrived. About a day or two later after we checked out, I noticed bites on my legs, in a pattern of three bites in a line. It is now Nov 27, 2010 and I have bites all over my body. Previous to this I had never had any bites when sleeping in my own bed, so I am almost 100% positive it came from the Quality Inn.

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