Westin Bonaventure Hotel
404 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA

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I stayed at this hotel on December 3, 2015. I was getting ready in the morning and saw a bug on my covers. It was a light red color. I called the hotel security and they did a check on my room. Room tested positive for bed bugs. They took the room out of service. Still waiting to be reimbursed for new luggage as I am a flight attendant and have to replace all my luggage I had with me. Hotel said they would get back to me and haven't heard anything. Tried contacting a few times.

Dear Anonymous Guest who reported an issue on July 17, 2012,

Please contact us immediately as we would like to assist you as the safety of our guests is always our primary concern. We would like to move you to an another guest room then lockdown and have an independent company inspect your current room. We would like to inspect your luggage and clothing and provide any other services that may help you. We really need to have you contact us and allow us to properly assist you.


call me directly at 213-612-4771, dial 4771 from your room or the operator by dialing 0.

Larry McCue

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Just want to add to the review of this hotel. Returned from a business trip on November 18, 2011-there were NO BEDBUGS...in fact the mgr of the hotel, Marco Romero, personally took us to a beautiful renovated room. The beds, linens and room were beautiful and VERY comfortable...would highly recommend this hotel...we stayed on the 26th floor and had NO problems...nice touches (free Starbucks coffee and water bottles) too.

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