1401 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA

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I just saw one in my bed and I squished it and saw blood go into tge sheets. This explained the annonymous welfare on my neck and arm.

Horrible infestation, this hotel is about the worst hotel I've ever seen. I noticed bedbugs at check in and they wouldn't move me or refund me. WORST HOTEL EVER!

I visited this Travelodge in January and woke up with bites all over my face, arms, and back. I quietly pulled management aside and mentioned that he had a bed bug problem in that room. His response was "no, we do not have bed bugs you must've gotten them somewhere else". Even after pointing out my blatant bites on my face and arm, the man continued to deny that there were bed bugs at his Travelodge. I reviewed my stay with the company and had to dispose of my luggage in fear that the bugs wou

ld follow me home. You can bet I won't be staying at a Travelodge ever again, and I wouldn't put much faith that the bugs are gone unless management has changed.

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I would like assure to all the guest the management has taken steps to eradicate bed bugs problem.The hotel is actively working with a pest company and the results have been quite promising.

Have stayed three times in the last year. Have had one case of bedbugs, one trouble-free stay, and one case of fleas (?). Did not tell the front desk the first time there was a problem and was glad to have a trouble free stay the second visit. Advised the front desk about the problem Room 280 on the third visit.

We have stayed because it is the closest accommodation to Children's Hospital, but won't likely be staying again.

I stayed in Room 273 (like the poster who wrote on 11/16) from 11/13/2010 to 11/16/2010. A week after checking out I notice about two dozen bed bug bites on all four of my limbs and am still showing an increasing number of welts.

Stayed in room 252 for two nights(11/12-13/2010) before spotting a bed bug on the wall and on my pillow. I checked out immediately.I even took one of the bugs I killed with toilet paper down to the front desk.The clerk didn't seem alarmed at all. I was bitten on the face and arms, although it took a day to show up. I am still treating the rash a week later.

I woke up in the morning after a night in Room 273 on October 9, 2010, and after coming back from the shower, found a bug crawling across the pillow.

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